Drama, drama, drama!


So I don’t know about you, but I am an admitted Craigslist junkie. Since Jonah was a wee thing, Craigslist has helped me clothe him, furnish our home and even helped me get a job!  So, even when I have nothing to buy or sell, I do cruise the site sometimes, you know, for fun. Yikes.

My favorite category to visit is the baby & kids section. I’ve gotten into a bad habit of getting sucked into the craigslist drama.  “Drama?” you ask.  Oh yeah – craigslist style. First there are the women (for the majority of posters/browsers in the kids&baby section are women) who love to find ads to correct and/or make fun of. Sure, many, many people who post are sorely lacking in grammar and spelling skills, but really?  Who died and made you chief of Craigslist proofreading?  I mean, if you’re going to proofread, at least get paid for it!

Then there are people who ask for free items/donations and the skeptics who publicly accuse them of asking for free items and then turning a profit on said items.  These are VERY dramatic and usually have tons of responses both for and against the accused.  The accused almost never responds but goes on their merry way, probably oblivious, to the drama they leave in their wake.

Oh, some people just like to make fun of others’ posts. Like a lady who posted several items separately and made sure to emphasize that the price was FIRM on each item.  She then posted her frustration with no one responding to her ads to which a mischievous person publicly responded by telling the woman what a doofus she was – oh and her “location” was LMAO.  Which really kid of had me LMBO (Yes, I kiss my mama with this mouth, thank you!)

The last catergory of craigslist drama are posts declaring the horrors of lead in toys, new laws concerning consignment items, formula ingrediants, etc. While I am sure these people mean well, they are usually always criticized, critiqued or corrected.

It’s probably the proofreading lady.


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