Yada, Yada, Yada

My caffiene deprived brain hurts, so here are some smatterings of what’s roaming around in there – enjoy!

*I am strangely fascinated with the Bing commercials I’ve been seeing lately, you know, the ones where people go off on random tangents/descriptions in the middle of conversations. So, I thought I’d try it.  It is prettier than Google and does seem to generate more relevant results.  I think I’ve been successfully marketed to.

*We watched Madea Goes to Jail the other night.  I am a Tyler Perry fan. I loved Diary of a Mad, Black Woman. Madea did not dissappoint this time either.  Perry has a gift for mixing comedy with drama. Also, Madea arguing with Dr. Phil about her anger issues was hil-a-rious.

*Our weather has been unseasonably awesome.  We are usually all withering by now, the grass a lovely shade of yellow, the people all noticably tired.  Not so these past couple of weeks.  It’s been quite lovely only inching into the low 90s. I’m teetering between the hope of a summer than meerly eeks its way out into a nice, cool fall and fear of a searing August. 

*Lyla is now not only chubby, she’s balding. Her beautiful black hair is falling out.  I keep trying to brush it into a backwards combover, but it’s not working. I got all paranoid and went to WebMd and the Dr. Sears website to make sure she didn’t have a balding disease. Nope. Here’s to hoping she’ll be sprouting some lovely locks soon.  Oh, and I am positive she’s teething.  The drool. Is gross. Really, really gross. I think I need to wear a bib too.  She tries to chew on everything in sight, including my face!

*Okay so after my little Harry Potter rant, I did a Bing search on movies based on books and found a couple of awesome websites with comprehensive lists of books who have movies based on them. See here and here.  In the process, I realized that I have a whole new reading list!  Yay! Here’s what I plan to tackle:

*The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – F. Scott Fitzgerald

*Beaches – Iris Rainer Dart

*Big Fish: A Novel of Mystic Proportions – Daniel Wallace

*The Boy in the Striped Pajamas – John Boyce

*The Father of the Bride – Edward Streeter

*Funny Farm – Jay Cronley

*Pay It Forward – Catherine Ryan Hyde

*The Princess Bride – William Goldman

Watch out library, here I come!


One thought on “Yada, Yada, Yada

  1. I’ve heard that the book The Princess Bride is great. . . and a bit different from the movie. I haven’t read it myself, but I keep planning to. . .

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