Vacation, All I Ever Wanted . . .



It’s Wednesday afternoon. Baby girl is sleeping. In the bouncy seat. Alone.  What have I done to deserve such a gift?!  I was beginning to get desperate, you see.  Baby girl’s relationship with sleep has been a bit rocky lately, and I was starting to look as rotten as I felt.  No amount of fancy-schmancy eye and face serums (thank you, Savanah!) can erase that level of tired. 

Our vacation was a mixture of fabulous and tiring. The fabulous was all the quality time spent with my parents, sisters, grandmother and Jason’s Aunt Samye and Uncle Jim. The tiring was Lyla’s almost incessant screaming. That girl had us hopping, trying just about anything short of standing on our heads to get her to settle.  Turns out all she needed was a good poop.  I think it was Samye who wisely said, “A good poop and a good sleep will make anyone happy.”

So, this vacation was our first in 5 years.  Pre-kids, we took a road trip to North Carolina to visit the Reimers.  That was a fabulous vacation too.  Sure we’ve dreamed of Disney or chillin’ in a big ole swanky resort, but who knows if and then that will ever happen?   I think we have discovered the secret to a fun vacation – people.  While the goal of the trip was to get away and relax with no agendas or pressures, the bigger goal was to invest some time into our loved ones that we don’t see very often.

We spent the first 4 days at the lake with my parents.  The first night it stormed. If you live in Oklahoma you know that what I mean is that we watched the weather for four hours and had the kids at the ready to run to the cellar if necessary. Craziness. Those four days also included ribs, brisket and wild blackberries. Ah, that is smell of summer ya’ll. Jason and Jonah trekked off with my dad to discover little islands on Waurika Lake and returned with “special rocks” and ticks. Ew. My parents also got their Internet service installed while we were there.  In the boonies you get Internet by satellite.  No joke.  I kept teasing my mom that they live so far out in the country that they have to get internet access from outer space.  She didn’t think my joke was a funny as I did.

On Tuesday evening we packed up our belongings, which had grown somehow – they always do when we visit the parentals. Lyla screamed all the way to Texas. We stopped to eat – ah, silence.  Then she screamed some more until we got lost in Ft. Worth and she went to sleep.  We finally made it to Savanah’s apartment that night and attempted to watch the The Tale of Benjamin Button.  I like the 30 minutes I saw before I passed out.  Jason says it was about an hour too long anyway.  Ft. Worth was H-O-T.  I grew up in Texas and remember the oppressive heat, but Lawd!  I felt like I was going to melt.  We enjoyed swimming, the movies, awesome Tex-Mex and seeing downtown Ft. Worth with Savanah.  I finally got to visit the Sephora store she helps to manage in Hurst, TX.  I made sure to tell them that if it wasn’t for Savanah, I’d be a mess.  Wait, I am still a mess, but a decent looking one thanks to her. 

On Friday morning we made our way to Colleyville for the last leg of our trip visiting Jason’s Aunt Samye and Uncle Jim. Samye and I have become quite the Facebook buddies, and I was eager to get to chatting with her live and in person.  Jason, as he mentioned in his blog, was a little hesitant because he hasn’t been the greatest about visiting family over the years.  It’s hard to sum up those last few days.  They were the icing on the cake and the cherry too.  Sure they were gracious, the food was amazing, the bed comfy and the pool wonderful (ya’ll really could have an awesome B&B) but the conversations were priceless and deep.  They have such a deep love for God and one another. They very much remind me of a very special couple is Tennessee that also took time to pour their lives into us. 

I guess that’s what this vacation was all about – taking time to connect with family and other believers.  We desparately needed it with so much craziness going on in our lives, and we needed for someone to reach out a reassure us that while the journey (metaphorically and literally) is long and sometimes hard, it’s worth it to keep going.


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