K is for Kangaroo

. . . or in my case, a baby sling. Remember how in an earlier post I said I did not want to “wear” my baby 24/7? Oh how naïve I was! As it turns out, wearing Lyla in the sling pretty much all the time is the key not only to our collective happiness as a family, but to our sanity as well.

As mentioned in my last post about parenting, Lyla is what you might call a “high need” baby. She likes to be held – a lot and can wail like a banshee (and will) for prolonged periods of time for no apparent reason. I’ve been reading The Attachment Parenting Book by Dr. Sears, and there’s a big fat section on baby wearing. Now I am the first to admit that the term sounded very “tree huggerish” at first. Jason and I scoffed and laughed, thinking, “We never had to do that with Jonah!” Why is it that we assume that two babies from the same parents will be anything alike?

Again, like I said in my last post, Lyla is clearly not Jonah, and that is okay. So, growing tired of the nightly 5 o’clock crying jag – we decided to wear her and see what would happen. Miracle of all miracles – there’s a very content baby hanging out in the sling. She even took naps on Monday and Tuesday – for more than an hour! We got to eat dinner as a family again, rather than in rounds. I worked at the preschool yesterday, and actually got some work done. And here I am this morning as Jonah watches Sesame Street, blogging as Lyla peacefully snoozes at my side.

Yeah, THIS is how Crystal gets her groove back.


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