Observations, Whatnots and Thingamajigs

DSCN1080When I haven’t blogged in awhile, I feel guilty – like I’ve been purposefully avoiding my blogging duty or something. Maybe I have been ducking out of blogging since my brain is so unreliable these days. And since my thoughts mainly seem to stray towards all things baby, it’s been difficult to piece together a coherent post that isn’t all about motherhood.

Not wanting to alienate any of my 5 or 6 readers 😉 – I’ll share some of my recent observations and thoughts. 

*A new Panera Bread just opened down the street from me.  After visiting the other day I came to two conclusions – 1) This could be very detrimental to my weight loss goals.  It is not a good idea to have cinnamon crunch bagels within a five mile radius of me. and 2) Panera seems to be a white people magnet.  No, a preppy white people magnet. What is it about bagels, organic apple juice and broccoli cheese soup that beckons the whitey population?  I need to see if Panera is on the list for Stuff White People Like.

*I use my semi-newborn child to try and get out of stuff.  Wow, did I really just admit that to the whole web world? Yep, caught myself doing it today at the tag agency. “Um, I just had a baby at the end of March – so that’s why I am a month late in renewing my tag . . . Oh, no penalties?  Thanks!”  So very wrong.  Don’t judge me!

*I’ll be 30 in 2 weeks, and I’m not freaking out about it. I feel like I’ve been in my 20s forever, so I look forward to my fourth decade on earth. I think my husband’s planning something, and I am SO tempted to snoop, but I love to be surprised so I’m keeping it cool. 

*I have a new friend at work (Learning Center).  She’s actually my new boss/co-worker, and she’s hilarious. It’s been awhile since I’ve hung out with someone who makes me laugh so hard I cry. So far we’ve discovered that we have a tendency to randomly quote movie lines and/or break out in song.  I think it’s the beginning of something wonderful.

*I went with Jason to a reunion for 91FM- KOKF. For those of you in Oklahoma who remember (or don’t) it was one of the first radio stations of its kind, an alternative Christian station.  It was the best.  They literally played everything.  The station itself played a significant role in Jason and I meeting and marrying.  It was neat to finally meet DJs that I listened to in college.  I miss you 91!

*Four friends are having babies in the next two months including my sister in law and best friend.  Three are girls, one is a surprise. What is with all the baby girls? Lyla will not be in short supply of playmates!

*Lyla had her 2 month checkup today.  Like Jonah, she is long, lean and strong as an ox!  When the doc flipped her on her tummy she started to try and scoot away!  I’m a little scared.  I have a feeling I will be chasing this child.  Good thing Jonah is a fast runner 😉

*I think I am going to get Skype soon.  My best friend is about to move with her family to Africa as missionaries with the IMB.  This will be a great way to stay in touch – AND just in case Oprah ever calls, I’ll be ready to chat via Skype.

Okay, that’s all for now.  Ciao!


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