Bet you all thought that I fell off the face of the earth, didn’t you?  Nah, I’ve just been adjusting to the newest member of our family.  I’m happy to report that we’re all acclamating to having or in Lyla’s case, being, a new family member. I’m also in the midst of wrapping up the Nashville and Rutherford County issues of Who’s Who.  Yup, I’m already back at work – which really is a good thing. My brain seems to be working better than ever despite some sleep deprivation. Before I launch into a list of this and that for you to enjoy, here is a Lyla update.

*After a few days on the bilirubin lights which made Lyla look like a cute little glow worm, she got over her jaundice and life in our home started to resemble something normal.  Note that I said resemble 😉  Every day she seems to wake up a little more.  She loves sunlight and to gaze into people’s faces (up close, of course) – she seems like a very perceptive little person.  She’s a month old now – already!  I’m finding that I simply cannot remember a lotof things about Jonah’s infancy, which makes me a little sad and makes me wonder if he really did cause me to lose some of my mind.  Like when do their eyes get to the color they’ll actually be?  Should I be worried about baby acne?  Also, despite her doctor telling me that she would not be pooping as often as the first couple of weeks – I absolutely freaked when she went three days without a poo.  No worries, this is what Dr. Sears, WebMD and Google are for. 🙂

*I got a new postpartum haircut yesterday.  It’s short.  I feel SO much better.

*I have to go to the dentist in a couple of weeks, and I am a little scared.  I’ve been guilt-flossing a lot lately. Because of lack of dental insurance before we moved back and then being pregnant (I was afraid I would puke on the dentist – how horrifying!) I have not had a cleaning in 2 years.  I hate the scraping! 

*We enrolled Jonah in “big boy school” a couple of weeks ago.  He’ll be attending half day pre-k at a local elementary school in the fall.  It’s really hard to believe that he is as big as he is.  I know it’s so cliche to say “blink and you’ll miss it” but it’s true. I feel like I woke up one day and my baby boy was long legged, smarting off and too heavy to pick up. I admit that I am so glad to have a baby right now or I’d be falling to pieces.  God has perfect timing.

*I’ve been trying some new Rachael Ray recipes this week.  Some have included some strange combos, albeit tasty, but I find myself thinking, “how does she come up with this stuff?”  I wish I was to the point where I could say, “Hmmm, I think this and that will taste good together.”  Do they teach that skill in culinary school?

*Office Spoiler Alert!  Michael got his job back (as did Pam and Ryan).  Wow!  Good job writers.  Also, Parks & Recreation is hilarious! I love Amy Poehler.

*I’m taking Jonah to the Arts Festival tomorrow.  I am trying to decide which fair food to indulge in.  I have been pretty good about not eating junk since I am determined to lose 50 lbs, but if I am at a fair, I am going to have some type of fair food. 

*Yeah, so 50lbs.  I need to formulate a plan, and a good one at that.  My husband’s been pretty successful at losing weight, so he’ll be my biggest source of nagging, uh – I mean, encouragement!  😉


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