A Baby Story

Hello, friends!  It’s 11pm and next to me on the couch are my sleeping husband and a sweet little sleeping baby girl. Sigh. I am pretty much in hog heaven. 

I decided to use this post to share my birth story, minus the gory details.  😉

I didn’t feel well Monday evening.  I was having a lot of braxton hicks and the sciatica was out of control.  I was mis-er-able.  😛  I woke up at 5am on Tuesday with contractions. I got up and around, getting ready much earlier than usual.  I just had a feeling this day might get a little hairy. I started timing the contractions at 7am and was ELATED to find they were coming at regular intervals.  I called the doctor at 8:30am and was even more elated when they told me to come on to the hospital. 

Jason rushed home after being at work for a whole 45 minutes and we took Jonah to school before heading to the hospital.  We (okay, I) waddled to triage, aka preggo purgatory.  You do your time in triage and if it looks like an all systems go, you get moved to preggo heaven – Labor & Delivery.

After an hour in triage, it looked like that while I was dilated more, I wasn’t making much real progress.  The nurses were getting ready to banish me back to the house for what was sure to be hours of waddling around trying to get things moving when they decided to call my doctor first.  If I ever had any doubts about my doc (and I haven’t – he is great!) they were banished after that phone call.  He asked if I’d like to stay and “get this show on the road.” To which my answer was a hearty, “YES!”  Yay!  I was moving on up!

At 11am, Jason and I were escorted to L&D by our nurse, Madeline, who really and truly had worked as a L&D nurse for 50 years. Suffice it to say, girlfriend was old, but also fabulous. By 1pm I had pitocin going, my water broken and then an epidural. Ah, the sweet epidural.  By 1:30pm, my mom arrived.  I love my mom!

Jason’s mom came shortly after. She and my mom chatted it up while we waited. We didn’t have to wait long!  By 5pm I was ready to go.  At 6:05pm, we had our beautiful baby girl.  She was 8 lbs 5 oz (or as Dr. McAdam’s exclaimed, “What a little chunk!”) and 21.5 inches long.  

Here we are on Saturday night.  My due date is tomorrow.  It’s hard to believe she’s really here.  Compared to my 14 hour labor with Jonah, this 5 hour ordeal was a whirlwind!  She’s just too beautiful.  Jason, Jonah and I just stare at her.  Jonah calls her his pretty Lyla.  She loves to eat, LOVES to sleep, and is so strong!  She kicks like a mule during diaper changes.  Yeah, I’m totally not surprised since she kicked me non-stop in utero. 

Well, that’s about all I can muster for now.  Time to nap before the next feeding.  Thanks to everyone for all the incredibly sweet messages on FB, the visits and gifts. We are really and truly so blessed.


4 thoughts on “A Baby Story

  1. Congratulations! I’m so excited for y’all. Been waiting to hear the news, but life in ATX has been hectic for us. Can’t wait to read more about Little Lyla

  2. YEAH! I’m holding out for at least next Saturday because my bathroom is still destroyed. No shower or sink! : /
    I’m so glad everything went so well for you guys. She’s absoultely amazing. I had to send her pics to my BF & sisters to see! : )
    Enjoy snuggling with her!
    Love you girl!

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