Stupid is as Stupid Says

I got angry today, at a stranger!  Was it just hormones? I don’t think so this time. While it may not justly fall into the category of righteous indignation, it felt pretty close to me.

So I am out running errands with Jonah – we were going to Petco to find a cool toy for Jonah’s friend Colin’s new hamster (Colin’s 5th birthday gift) and then on to Crest for grocery shopping.  It’s not unusual for me to strike up a conversation with strangers, in fact I enjoy it, but this particular stranger struck up a quite unfortunate conversation with me. If you can call it a conversation since it left me pretty speechless.

So, said stranger, a young man in his 20s walks past and stops to stare at my rather large pregnant belly.  He smiles and says, ” So have you decided on names for them?” At first I wasn’t sure I had heard him correctly. My preggo brain slowly processed his words, and I realized he had not said him/her – he said them, as in twins.  Oh my.  While I cannot tell you what look I had on my face, I am sure it wasn’t pleasant yet I managed to be polite and held up one finger, saying, “No, just one.  A girl.  Lyla.”  Now, I was sure the man would see his error and sheepishly apologize.  I would laugh it off, and say, “Oh it’s fine.  I’m due really soon.”  This was not how it panned out.  It got worse.

Instead, this individual says, “Really?!  Wow.”  I reply, “Yes, really.  I am due in like a week.”  He then goes further saying, “I thought you were doing like that mom in California.”  My blood began to boil.  He smiled, congratualted me and walked away. Furious, I called Jason and ranted.  Jason had a tinge of fear in his voice.  Before going to the grocery store, I went home and changed into a less form fitting shirt.

So, friends, what can we take away from this?  Unless someone TELLS you they are carrying more than one . . . no, unless they TELL you are pregnant, please do not ask.  And if you do, apologize, grovel – whatever.  Sigh.  Please, Lyla, come soon!


5 thoughts on “Stupid is as Stupid Says

  1. Next time this happens, you need to call me!! Twenty-somethings have a sense of “not knowing” a lot about everything..anyways I love you and Lyla..HERE WE COME!!

  2. Oh. My. Gosh! That is completely uncalled for! Really, that guy must be very clueless about pregnancy and/or social norms. Not acceptable!

    In other news, when I turned on the news this morning, the first story I heard was that doctors now say your brain starts aging/going downhill at age . . . 30. That explains so much in my life.

  3. Gah! I went two weeks straight at work with someone (different someones) commenting EVERY DAY about how large I was….really not necessary!

  4. What is WRONG with people? The security guard at work which I really do love, he’s a nice older guy, “complemented me” with telling me two weeks ago that he was proud of me for not getting “as big as a house.” I told him not to speak so soon, I had a month to go! lol! Now I’m paranoid that everytime I walk past him he’s thinking, wow, she got as big as a house. LIKE I CAN HELP IT. HELLO? I have an ENTIRE PERSON IN MY GUT! lol!
    Glad it’s over for you girlfriend!

  5. Okay that bites, no way around it. I was NOT pregnant, in my twenties and ran into Stan Humphries (I was a big pro football player and I know you prolly don’t know who this is) so I’m like star struck kind of, holding 2 hot dogs (one for my friend I was with!!) and he says “eating for two?” I didn’t know if I should cuss or tell him how great he was. I was speechless.

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