America Runs on It

Another little interesting tid-bit you may not know about the Zs – we love breakfast.  LOVE IT.  At any family gathering that includes more than one Zaragoza, a pancake breakfast is a must.  Rylee is the “Queen Mother of Pancakes” in the Z clan.  At our house, Jason is the pancake man.  We even have them for dinner sometimes.  In fact, we eat a lot of eggs in general. I make a mean omlette.  🙂

On many of our wedding anniversaries and birthdays in Nashville, we often had breakfast dates.  They were easier to find a sitter for and a whole lot easier to get a table at . . . well, if you don’t count the Pancake Pantry, but Nashvillians know that the line is part of the experience. We also spent many a morning at the Loveless, Panera, good ole Craker Barrel and of course – Dunkin’ Donuts.

We’ve noticed that in Oklahoma, breakfast is a well-respected tradition.  Yay, Oklahoma! We live near a Jimmy’s Egg (a local breakfast chain) and about a million little donut shops.  The donuts just cannot compare to Dunkin’ which we have 2 of in town and they’re pretty spread out, but hey beggars can’t be choosers. Dunkin’ also holds my heart for their everything toasted bagel with chive cream cheese and their coffee. It really is that good.

Yet as far as bagels go, I have to hand it off to Panera for having the most exquisite bagel my tummy has ever known, the cinnamon crunch bagel (toasted!) with hazelnut cream cheese.  I’ve already requested this as my post-birth meal.  It’s basically bread-candy, but after giving birth I think I’ll not care.

One little place around the corner from our home offers the best kolachesWhat-a-donut. Chicken and Spinach kolache.  Oh yes.  If you’ve never had a kolache I highly encourage you to try one.

Well, I’m pretty hungry now.  Time for lunch . . . or maybe brunch! 🙂


2 thoughts on “America Runs on It

  1. I LOVE What-a-Donut! Oh my! Those are so tasty. They get them for work sometimes, but I never knew where they were located. Yummmmmy!

  2. are cracking me up. You have mentioned food in the last three posts. Lyla…must be needing a few extra calories. ha

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