And in Other Z News . . .

We are trying to stay sane while waiting for the newest Zaragoza to make her appearance. My eagerness to see her cute little face is due largely in part to the enormity of my baby mountain . . .  er, bump which has become quite cumbersome. I just sort of waddle around and ask Jonah and Jason to fetch things for me.  Fortunately, they are sweet and don’t mind. 🙂

Since the possibility of bringing all my thoughts together for one coherent post is pretty unlikely (I’ve tried – several times) here is a little of this and that for your reading enjoyment. 

*Jason and Jonah took a small road trip 90 minutes up the road to Tulsa on Saturday for Jason’s eldest brother’s surprise birthday party. Under strict doctor orders, I stayed home, just in case little missy decided to show up. I thought this would be a great opportunity for some much needed alone/chill time complete with pizza, ice cream and a good chik flick.  Turns out it was insanely boring. I missed them and much to my shock – the noise!  I was ever so glad to see them again on Sunday morning.  Lesson learned:  alone time can be highly overrated.

*Anyone see SNL this week?  I am really sad that I fell asleep because it was truly one of the funnier ones I’ve seen. In particular, “The Rock Obama.” Please, for your own enjoyment, give it a Google.  You won’t be sorry!

*Ever had frozen custard?  I hadn’t until yesterday.  We have this restaurant, which used to be Backyard Burger, about 1/4 of a mile from us called Freddy’s Frozen Custard.  In this case I admit that I did judge a restaurant by its name.  I haven’t had much custard in my life.  Custard reminds me of the word curdle which reminds me of old milk which makes me want to puke.  I admit it, I was prejudiced against custard.  However this weekend and this week we are participating in something called DUCK week (Doing Unselfish Charities for Kids), and this year’s recipient is a little girl named Abby who is in Jonah’s pre-K class.  On Sunday Freddy’s was giving 25% of the bill to Abby when presenting a DUCK week flyer.  In short, turns out that frozen custard is awesome!  I love soft serve, and this was by far the most delicious, creamy soft serve I’ve come across.  Move over Sonic, there’s a new love in my life!

*I think I love age 4 and a half.  I’ve known for some time that a good deal of growth and maturity in kids happens at the half year of whatever age they are.  Suddenly my little man who still had a little bit of toddler in him has completely shed any “babyness” he had left and has really turned into a fun little person.  He’s really into making up hilarious stories right now and loves to play pretend.  It’s amazing really seeing as how he wasn’t doing this a few months ago.  He’s also on the threshold of reading, which to a nerd like me is wildly exciting! One thing is for sure, Lyla could not ask for a cooler big brohter nor one who could keep her better entertained.  Jonah is delighted to know he will have a captive audience who won’t ask for “quiet time.” 😉

*Being so big preggo inevitably means we are watching more movies at home.  Well, it’s not like we went to the movies much to begin with. It’s really hard to pay $2o + when you know you can rent it later for a few bucks. We rent our videos from Family Video which has awesome rental prices and a free kids’ movie section.  Here are our rentals as of late and what we thought: 

The Duchess– good acting by Keira Knightly and cast but a wildly depressing story.  It seems that every movie I’ve seen her in lately is wildly depressing.  What’s the deal?   The Rocker– okay so we rented this because Raiin Wilson from the Office is in it.  Yes it was pretty dumb, but funny too.  Not as vulgar as I had feared.  Sort of a weird teeny bopper/SNL fan type movie.  Hancock – Okay so I didn’t watch this, but Jason did.  I took a nap.  He kept calling it “Hitchcock.”  He says it was good. 

Alright folks, that’s all for now.  Don’t know how much I’ll be blogging in the coming weeks as we wait for Lyla to show up, but I promise to keep you posted!


2 thoughts on “And in Other Z News . . .

  1. Hey we went to the DUCK week dodge ball game last night. I’m wishing we had the custard too :). I’ve seen that Family Video with the advertisement for the free kids sections…always mean to check it out….always forget.

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