Baby Update and a Restaurant Review Too!

So here’s the down low on what’s going on down below – and everywhere.  Ugh.  We are approximately 1 month away from the given due date.  I honestly cannot see how in the world this child could stay in here another month.  She hasn’t got a bit of room to squirm in, but believe me she tries!  I get nothing but comments like, “Gosh you haven’t had that baby yet?!” or “Wow, any time now huh?”  My favorite are the empathetic glances of moms who’ve been there.  Jason is on my case to get my bags packed, because he is convinced she may just fall out any minute now.  Sorry, that was a horrible sentence to lay on you, but it is what it is folks.

With that, I am desparately trying to wrap things up for the magazine and get my home ready AND wrap up a hundred little details before she arrives.  It’s exhausting.  Not suprisingly I had a mini meltdown while talking ot my mom on the phone yesterday.  It was not a pretty sight, and I am so glad no one was around to see it.  Still it felt good to cry it out a bit.  Good news though – I found a coupon for a pre-natal massage.  It is totally affordable, so my girlfriend Michelle and I are going on Sat.  An hour of quiet, relaxation and someone rubbing my back who won’t get distracted by the TV.  YAY!

Jason and I had a date last Saturday night.  He has now been an official full timer at the Express Headquarters for a year now.  They gave him a gift card to the restaurant of his choice and he wisely chose Red Rock Canyon Grill in OKC on Lake Hefner.  Now, I know you all have had to listen to me whine about the abysmal lack of fine dining in OKC.  I am happy to report that we loved this place!  While it was pretty crowded and the wait was about an hour, we had a great time!  They had a nice fire going outside in a firepit, so we snuggled up and chatted while waiting for a table. When it got close to an hour Jason strategically moved us near the hostess stand so they could not miss the giant, hungry preggo.  It worked!  We were seated within 5 minutes of coming indoors. 

 Since we had a gift card we decided to live it up by getting the full 4 courses.  For an appetizer – the million dollar shrimp – they were huge and while I could not have told you what was in the sauce, it was yummy.  Then, thanks to a tip from a friend who waits tables there, we had two small house salads – the first time I have ever had croutons made from cornbread.  Again, yum!  For our main course we chose the cluck-n-moo.  Red Rock’s specialty is rotissiere chicken, and the cluck-n-moo is the chicken paired with beef tenderloin, mashed potatoes and sweet glazed carrots.  This was comfort food at its best!  We are so glad to have only ordered one entree as it was the perfect portion for two.  The chicken was delicious and the beef tenderloin – amazing!  Of course, the mashed potatoes and carrots were good enough that I think my girl Paula Deen would have even sighed in delight.  Last we ordered the pineapple upsidedown cake for dessert.  It was so good I almost cried.  I walked out of there in a world of hurt, but happy too.  Sometimes you’ve got to take the joy with the pain, right? !


4 thoughts on “Baby Update and a Restaurant Review Too!

  1. I’m so depressed you still have a month to go because that means I have THREE MORE WEEKS AFTER YOU! PLEASE! Someone take it out! lol! People at work have already started in on me too. “Oh, are you still here?” Seriously. I know I’m fat, but I do NOT look big enough to deliver yet. lol! I’m totally nesting already though. We went to Lowes last night and spent a small fortune on gardening supplies so Mark can make me raised garden beds. I guess I’m afraid we’ll starve this summer since I won’t be returning to work. Hang in there friend. At least you’ve only got 4 weeks to go. Better than 7! lol!

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