What Would You Do?

The Zaragoza family has turned a rather surprising corner. We, who used to be avid American Idol fans, just aren’t that into it this season. We decided tonight, despite Jonah’s desperate pleas for The Biggest Loser, to watch AI since we can always catch TBL later on the Internet. We got through two performances before turning on the double screen feature on our TV and one more performance later until we decided to just admit to ourselves what we already knew – that we love TBL.  Jonah was pleased. 🙂 Maybe going to last year’s AI concert wasn’t such a hot idea. I am wondering if seeing just how mediocre a lot of the top 10 were made us feel like we wasted a lot of time watching the show. After all, we relate more to TBL.  You don’t have to be beautiful or talented to lose weight and make a positive change in your life.  You need dedication, commitment and sweat.  That, we can provide.

Our other Tuesday night ritual is What Would You Do? with John Quiñones.  It’s a fascinating look at ethics and situations that cause people to either stop and get involved or simply walk on.  It’s great because it provides Jason and I a great spring board for some really interesting discussions.  Also, I think it has caused me to remember that as a human being and as a follower of Christ, I need to really love my neighbor as myself.  This often means being an advocate for someone else, stepping into situations that aren’t comfortable or speaking out when no one else is. 

I think I’ve said before that this was something my mom especially took time to teach my sisters and I.  She didn’t teach us to “tattle”.  Believe me, no one likes a tattle tale, but that when you see something that isn’t right and will hurt someone, you must speak up.  I remember a specific incident in the 4th grade.  My friend *P wore glasses, thick plastic ones just like mine.  *P and I weren’t great friends yet, but we were neighbors.  Another girl – cute and blond, without glasses began to make fun of *P in class one day, using her fingers to make glasses and calling *P “four-eyes” – something only a meanie says to a kid with glasses.  I just couldn’t stomach it and you guessed it, I totally ratted blondie out to the teacher – also a glasses wearer.  Blondie got time-out and I gained a life-long friend.  *P and I while living hundreds of miles apart are still friends today.  Oh and Blondie and I eventually became friends too.  And as fate would have it, she got glasses in the 6th grade.  Big, thick plastic ones. 

That one incident was a sort of stepping off point for me. I’m not overly confrontational, nor do I like bringing attention to myself – but I think it’s always worth it to experience discomfort and take a little time to step up when needed.  After all, you never know when you’ll need someone to do the same for you.


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