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Kristen tagged me to do a picture post . . . I am finally getting around to it.  I’m not going to tag anyone, but by all means if you feel so inclined go ahead.  This is a fun idea.  Simply go to your pictures file, find the 6th file, 6th picture and blog all about it.  Have fun!

The photo above was taken in Ocotober of 2008 – Jonah is riding in the jeep with his younger cousin, Jackson.  It’s always interesting to watch these two together since their daddies are twins.  They get along, for the most part.  I gather that they get along better than their dads did as two unruly twin boys.  🙂

Jack is admittedly more of a “boys boy” while Jonah takes after Jason with a definite love for art and music.  They’re both very talkative – it’s always a treat to hear a three and four year old carry on a serious conversation . . . you know about important issues like Elmo, Thomas the Train and the like.

Another thing these boys have in common is that they will both become big brothers in 2009!  Jonah of course will be big brother to miss Lyla in just 5,5 weeks while the sex of Jack’s sibling is yet unknown and will join the Zaragoza clan in late July.


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