Put on a Happy Face

I had this hilarious thought as I was reading another blog and just had to share . . . warning:  it is pregnancy related.  Sorry ya’ll but you know this child has all but consumed my mind at this point!

Well, I was reading Beth Moore’s blog, and her daughter Amanda who is very, very pregnant also with a baby girl (she’s 37 weeks) had a post about her fear of her water breaking in public.  I’m not so much afraid of this happening to me.  Heck, I don’t care where it happens because if it did happen somewhere other than the hospital it would mean that baby girl would be coming all the sooner.  Anyway, one gal posted this comment about wanting to look good for baby#2’s birth to the point that she started putting on a full face of makeup and making sure her hair looked good every time her contractions got going once she was pretty far along.

I relate to this woman big time!  I have always envied the women who despite having just pushed a child from their bodies, look cute (ahem, Kristin D) I just don’t look that cute without makeup, and I was a hot mess in the pics taken when Jonah was born.  I was STILL a hot mess the day after in the hospital and a week later at home.  My word, could someone have just pulled me aside to remind me to pull it together for a few photo ops?!  So, I’ve taken matters into my own hands for miss Lyla’s arrival. 

I had a multi-fold reason for wanting my Bare Minerals makeup – two of those reasons being A) it is quick to put on and B) it stays on.  You better belive I plan on looking at least presentable this go round especially since it will be my last.  I know, vanity vanity.  But hey, I’m the one pushing Lyla into this great big world – I might as well look good doing it!  😉


2 thoughts on “Put on a Happy Face

  1. If only makeup could help me! lol! If I could loose 100 lbs before I have Cole, I’d bother to put on makeup, but I figure I’m going to hate my pictures anyway so why bother?! lol! Maybe for my 2nd try…..??? I’ve only gained 10lbs so far, so I seriously doubt I’ll loose 100 during birth. Oh well…

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