Cabin Fever

It’s  7pm and we haven’t been out all day.  It’s cold, and honestly we could not come up with anything inexpensive to do.  Either we are seriously lacking in the creativity or Oklahoma City is as boring as I think it is. So, all you OKC people, please please pass on any ideas for fun things to do that do not require a great deal of cash so that we can avoid this situation in the future.  I think we’re all losing it a little.

Still, I do plan on doing something productive this evening . . . cleaning should have been on the docket, but NAH.  I have this HUGE bag of apples since that is the only fruit Jonah will eat, and I thought I might as well make something fun.  I was a bit dismayed after searching the Food Network site. Everything was just too . . . froo froo.  In simplest terms, I want something that is warm and resembles apple pie without the work of making an actual apple pie.  I turned to my girl Paula Deen, and I think I found a solution – homemade fried apple pies, except I’m going to bake mine.

I’ll let ya’ll know how it turns out.  In the meantime, the family has voted to finally venture outside to run to Family Video.  Not very exciting, but it beats going crazy!


2 thoughts on “Cabin Fever

  1. Aw man, we went to the one year party for “nothin but fun kidz” and I thought about calling to see if you wanted to go and just assumed you were busy since it would be with no notice. The girls thought it was pretty cool.
    Next time I’ll just call…you can always just say no :).

  2. you could go watch airplanes land. Volunteer at the mission center…go to the dog park….go to a museum…(I love the Firefighters museum) and it is fairly cheap to get in. The 45th Infantry museum is donations. Lots of good stuff here in OKC!!! Dont give up on us….OKC is not that boring!

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