The Duel

So much to blog about today . . . so many important things going on in the world . . . I choose – TV.  Yeah, call me lazy or whatever but I just want to talk about a couple of my favorite shows rather than delving into the more important things going on.

Last week’s episode of The Office:  Hilarious.  Really.  The Office continues to surprise me this season.  One episode will be “eh, okay” and the next has me saying, “Yes!  Genius!”  In this episode Andy finally finds out what everyone else already knows a) that Angela, despite her airs of propriety is a good old fashioned office ho and b) that she’s been hopping on the good foot and doing the bad thing with Dwight since, well – forever! 

The duel was nothing short of fantastic, but sad as Dwight and Andy figure out that Angela’s been playing both of them all along.  Props to Andy on using his Prius as a weapon though!

Then there’s Michael called into a meeting with CFO David Wallace.  Economy’s bad, other branches are struggling, what exactly is Michael doing right?  Michael, of course, has absolutely no idea and talks in gibber jabber while sharing a pasta lunch with David. 

Favorite quotes:

Jim:  “I mean eventually, he’ll (Andy) figure it out. When their kids have giant heads and beet-stained teeth. But right now it’s just… awkward.”

Michael:  “So I was in the office.  And I look over to our accounting division and there is Kevin Malone.  Kevin is wearing a jacket that I’ve never seen before.  And I call over to Kevin, ‘Kevin!  Is that a tweed jacket?’ And he looks at me and he says, ‘Michael, yes it is a tweed jacket.’ And I look back at him and say, ‘I feel the NEED!  The need for tweed.'”

Angela:  ” I can’t believe they’re going to fight over me.”  Kelly:  “I guess people have fewer choices when they get older.”

I really can’t wait for this week’s episode!

Once again we ditched AI for The Biggest Loser.  Didn’t even turn it on.  Honestly, we probably won’t even give it a look until Hollywood.  No need to rehash my reasons, but we’re just not interested in reveling in the weirdness and awkwardness of others. Blame the economy. 😉 ha ha


2 thoughts on “The Duel

  1. I’m very disappointed with AI so far. They are keeping a lot of the good singing, or singing in general, under wraps. They aren’t showing us much more than awkward craziness. But you missed a good southern versus northern thing last night. The guy auditioning said, as walking out, “You take care and be careful.” Paula and Simon took it as a threat and went on an on about it. The dude just said what most people in Kentucky would say upon leaving someone, “Take care!” Stupid non-country and non-southern people!

    >i>The Office was amazing and totally uncomfortable! I can’t wait to see Angela in the dumps from losing both men. That bad of me, I know.

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