Choosing Losers Over Idols

So I started to watch American Idol tonight.  Midway through the lame-o singing and the awful bikini girl, I couldn’t take it anymore and submitted to Jason’s decision that we watch The Biggest Loser instead.  Good choice, my man.  I guess the truth is that I don’t ever really enjoy the audition phase of AI. Ever since I read Mandisa’s book Idoleyes and got a glimpse of how cruel that process really is, I’m just not that into it.  I get embarrassed for people.  And bikini girl was just ridiculous.  So ridiculous I’d rather watch people sweat.

The Biggest Loser was really great!  While the cast is much bigger this season, they are also much nicer (as in NO evil Vickys or Hebas to deal with).  I teared up as the other contestants went back down the mountain to help Daniel (TBL heaviest player) up the mountain.  I laughed when Bob finally went from nice guy to a screaming lunatic . . . I think Jillian is rubbing off on him.  I was really sad to see Jerry (the old guy) go home when it should have most definitely been Joelle who ran her mouth more than her feet. 

What I love most about the show is not just the weight loss but the determination of the contestants to be healthier, to live more and to see their perceptions of themselves change.  As a once thin girl now determined to get out of a fat body (okay I mean pre and post partum!) it’s tough not to get really disgusted with yourself and – well, just give up.  It’s particularly motivating to Jason who is sucessfully shedding the pounds.  I’m happy he’s losing the weight but even happier to see his self-image shaping up.  He’s strong, handsome and capable – I’ve spent almost 8 years trying to convince him of that.  Now he’s hopefully starting to discover that for himself.

Okay, okay enough mush.  Time to shut down this blasted computer and try to sleep (please, Lyla?).


4 thoughts on “Choosing Losers Over Idols

  1. AMEN. I’m not sure how I got here, but my sentiments exactly. Idol kind of irritated me tonight.

    Maybe because I’m not going to win it.

  2. I don’t blame you for switching over. There were long stretches of boring for me. And long stretches of painful. People, if your kid can’t sing do not keep feeding the delusion! 🙂

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