The Third Trimester: The Final Frontier

Well, my friend we’re almost there.  You’ve all hung in there with me as I complained admantly about morning (ahem, all day) sickness, fatigue, my brain falling out and other pregnancy woes.  Here we are at the final stretch – only 10 short weeks to go and I will have baby girl out of me and in my arms.  I am just itching to see her . . . literally!

Oh the third trimester.  It’s reminiscent of the first with the tiredness, hurting bosoms and general crankiness. Only now I am huge and the little person in there is a serious kung-fu master, I am convinced of it.  She has exceptionally sharp elbows!  My stretch marks have stretch marks and I find myself wishing I had a crane to get off the couch, out of bed and especially to get off the pew at church.  Jason is my marvelous crane.  Maybe that’s why he’s really been lifting weights.  🙂

So aside from all the complaining I have more mental clarity than the last trimester.  I’ve been kicking Jason’s butt at Wheel of Fortune and zipping through my crosswords (my gosh I am an old lady!) I’m finding my writing enjoyable again too.  I am more in love with my husband than ever.  I was jealous at first of his annoying new habit of losing weight and looking hot, but now I am finding it really encouraging and can’t wait to join in come May after I’ve been cleared to exercise again.  I’m ready to see Jonah with his baby sister and to marvel over the blessing of having my own little girl. 

So with only 10 weeks to go, I am hoping they go fast mainly because of the discomfort but moreso because I am ready to get going on this next part of the journey.  I thumb my nose at all those who feel they have to remind me of a newborn’s erratic sleep habits and other unpleasantness associated with recouping from birth.  All I can say is DUDE, come be pregnant for a few weeks and you’ll soon discover that a) I don’t sleep because I’m always peeing and I hate sleeping on my side b) I don’t enjoy eating all that much because even a cucumber gives me heartburn and ) I’m big. Really, really big. 

Bring it on, baby!


5 thoughts on “The Third Trimester: The Final Frontier

  1. I have recently fallen in love with crossword puzzles. I have a book of them sitting by the bed…I’m addicted.

    I’m sure you look totally adorable! Ready for American Idol?!

  2. I feel mostly ok…often like I’ve ridden a bicycle for a really long ride GAH. Evan cleaned up the house last weekend and was like hey the Z’s can come over now 🙂 Unfortunately the nice clean state didn’t last long blah. But, yes, definitely need to do this.

  3. SO know what you mean. My dad had his hip replaced in September & he got this cool bar over his bed to help him sit up and move. I SO need one of those. Oh, and I CRAVE nothing more than to sleep on my stomach again. Sigh….I can’t wait. Who cares if I get up every two hours to feed and change him? It’s more sleep than I get now getting up every hour and a half to pee and relieve my numb hands and aching hips. I agree with you. Bring it on!!! : )
    Love ya girl!

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