The Boob Tube

Is it just me or is the TV lineup for the spring a bit strange?  We always struggle over what to watch since everything seems to overlap and we do not have DVR (hey, we just got MP3 players this year!).  One one channel you have the Bachelor, a single dad – and honestly, this show has never appealed to me.  Then you have the Superstars of Dance, eh, pass.  We did admittingly watch True Beauty the other night.  It was scary. 

Since my incredibly shrinking husband gets super motivated from The Biggest Loser, that was an obvious choice even though I really wanted to watch Scrubs. I was actually shocked at how BIG the contestants are this go round.  Wow.  I was a little scared for some of them and then got to thinking about my own (well documented) struggles with weight over the past 4 years.  I told Jason that I would do great on the show if Jillian was my trainer because a) I am scared of her  and b) I am a teacher’s pet at heart and would literally puke before stopping.  But by the looks of the show now, I am not near large enough even pre-preggo to go on so I will be looking to Jason to help me hopefully shed the post-preggo pounds for good. 

I also mentioed to Jason that having a little girl is also serving as a motivator for me.  I don’t want her to grow up thinking that it is okay to be unhealthy just because you’re too lazy (speaking of ME here) to really make a change.  Even before getting pregnant, I was tired of being tired.  Tired of not feeling good.  I know, I know this is really early to start talking about this, but no plan is a bad plan, right?!

Since Jonah was in bed we decided to watch one more show before turning in and found that they had turned one of my favorite ABC specials What Would You Do? into a prime-time series.  I love this show because it always gets Jason and I talking, even though some of it was hard to watch.  Namely, two Latino day laborers walk into a New Jersey deli (they’re actors) and are treated with extreme bias and prejudice by the man behind the counter (also an actor) who assumes they are illegal aliens. 

It was encouraging to see how many people stood up and said, “No!  This isn’t right.  How dare you talk to them like that?!” and sad to see the people who encouraged the rude deli worker and even told the two Latino men to go somewhere else where they speak “Mexican.”  After watching that segment Jason and I came to this conclusion that a couple of other bystanders on the show also expressed:  No matter what your opinion is of the immigration issues our country faces, it never, ever gives anyone a right to treat people like trash.  Like one woman, an immigrant from another country working on her citizenship said, “God put us all on this earth.  No matter where you are from or where you are, you’re still a person.”


2 thoughts on “The Boob Tube

  1. Crystal, Having been that mom who lost all her pre-preggo weight (and 20 lbs more) after having Hannah (following Weight Watchers) I know where you’re coming from when you say you want to be a role model for your little girl. I’ve not lost a pound since having my son. In fact, I’ve gained 20 😦 So I’m now the heaviest I’ve EVER been in my life. BUT I’m doing something about it. Following the WW eating plan and exercising at Curves, it is really my goal to get back to the person I was BEFORE Cayden. Need real life inspiration –

    Aside from that, I’ve been there – at goal – and FELT AMAZING. I want that energy again. I’m starting to see some of it because I’m exercising, but it’s crazy to think that I’m still carrying around 50 lbs from my pregnancy that I once shed. FIFTY POUNDS. Have you ever tired lifting that? And knowing that I’m carrying it on my body makes me so angry.

    You will do it! As soon as Miss Lyla gets here, take your time to heal and then get healthy!!

  2. I wondered what that show would be like. It’s like a big social experiment to the masses. Situations like what you described always make me wonder what my reaction would be if put in the person’s shoes.

    “The Biggest Loser” is definitely a motivational show. I didn’t watch the new show last night but I did see a preview of some contestants. The guy that is the heaviest contestant yet…wow! I bet he transforms right before our eyes. Side note – I would have wanted to watch “Scrubs” with you.

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