Welcome, Welcome 2009!

Taking the lead from Miss Mandy, which I often do – I’d like to share my little list of things I plan to accomplish in 2009.  Better not go so far as to say I resolve to do these things.  That’s too much commitment for me right now. 🙂

1.  It goes without saying that after Lyla makes her debut in March, I plan to lose weight – a lot of it.  Thankfully, the birth alone will shed off quite a bit, the rest is up to me.  It will start getting warm as soon as I’ll be up for exercise, so I hope to take up walking again and maybe get one of those Dancing with the Stars workout DVDs!

2.  I’m hoping to continue on the cooking kick.  I’m trying to cook healthier while expanding Jonah’s palate.  He is at this picky stage, but we’re working through it.  You should have seen the look on his face when I served spinach quiche the other night – priceless!

3.  Budgeting, using cash, envelope system – Yes, Dave we’ve been bad, well not horribly bad as we have not incurred any more debt in over a year (yay for us!) But we need to get going on attacking what we still have again, especially with baby girl on the way.

4.  Organization – thankfully the nesting is helping with this already. 

5.  Blogging – I plan to do more of it and with better posts.  I apologize for the sheer crapiness of some of these posts lately – I will do better!

6.  Complaining less, saying “Thank you” more.  We could all use this one, couldn’t we?

So, not very exciting, I admit.  But I figure I have plenty of excitement coming my way this spring, so no need to add to it.  Speaking of which, we are now officially in the third trimester!  Let the count down begin!  Even though I will miss the second trimester (aka the Happy Trimester) I know that more disomfort means we are almost done with this thing.  Lyla is a growing girl, as am I.  She is either a karate master or skilled gymnast – either way I am constatly sore from whatever she’s doing in there.  I also have a bad feeling that I really will pee on myself at some point.  I didn’t with Jonah, but he also did not camp out on my bladder. 

Nevertheless, we are really, really ready to meet this girl! 

So I have to RUN to the bathroom now . . . Happy 2009!


One thought on “Welcome, Welcome 2009!

  1. I saw your recent pictures at the park. You are adorable! I’m excited to see pictures of your baby girl in March! And…you can do all those things up there!

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