This and That

Hello friends.  It’s cold here!  While it’s late, and I should be in bed I just wanted to share some randomness with you.

*Jason had me read this little Max Lucado book called The Christmas Candle.  What a neat story.  If you are looking for a quick, Christmasy read, I suggest it. 

*Our Christmas tree is dying.  Sigh.  Jason has made fun of our tree from the start while I admantly defended it.  But truth be told, it does have a gangsta lean and despite our faithful watering, it has most definitely taken a turn for the worse.  Please pray our tree makes it till Christmas Day.  After that, it’s off to be be recylcled.  We will go back to the fake tree next year.

*Lyla is seriously rocking the uterus.  Baby!  We are now at week 26 and according to What to Expect she is opening her eyes, performing acrobatics (no joke!) and weighs about 2 lbs.  There is nothing more freaky and funny than watching my belly as Lyla appears to be turning flips.  When there’s nothing on TV, this serves as good backup entertainment.

*Today as I was attempting to get Jonah in his coat to go home from school as he ran around me in circles I said, “What do YOU think the right choice is here?”  He stopped, thought it out and replied, ” To run!  No wait, that’s not right.”  At least he’s honest.

*Michelle triumphed over the meanies on the Biggest Loser tonight!  While I was not thrilled that Heba (one of the meanies) won the $100K, it was sweet victory to see Michelle beat out Vicky and Ed.  While I love this show, the next season looks a little scary.  The people just keep getting BIGGER and some older.  Will they feature the 1000 lb man at some point?

*My neighbor came by this afternoon to let me know she’ll be out of town for a few days and could we keep an eye on her place?  Since our last neighbors were sort of standoffish with a very LOUD dog who barked incessantly at 1 or 2am, I was thrilled.  These neighbors are still pretty new and are friendly.  Yay!  I think I’ll make them some cookies. 

*A very special package came for me today – my Bare Minerals makeup from my sister Savanah who works for Sephora.  I have very high hopes that I can look less crappy from now on – I might even post one of those before and after pics to see what you think!


One thought on “This and That

  1. I could comment with ** on all your ** :)s

    Anyway, YAY for the Biggest Loser. And I’m soooo happy Michelle won as well. I hate Vicky! Thankfully, I’m allowed to hate her since she’s just a TV Character to me. To think she’s really like that makes me squirm. And I so wish Colleen or her Dad would have won over Heba, but at least Vicky didn’t win. YAY!!!

    Sorry to hear about your tree. I’d be dying if we had a real one, BUT our prelit tree had to be strung with lights this year. What’s that say about the $$ spent on it 6 years ago?

    And Bare Minerals is AWESOME if you like to look like you don’t have makeup on. I love it because it makes my skin look even and flawless w/o the caked on makeup look.

    Okay. . need to leave. Hugs!

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