Looking Back and Ahead

One year.  We have now been living back in Oklahoma for one year.  And I am amazed (as I am with each passing year) and how quickly a year can pass.  Then again, I am also amazed at how much a person, a family a country can change within the short span of 12 months, 365 days. 

A year ago we had just moved into a ramshackle townhouse with an abundance of leaks, drafty windows and a crappy landlord (none of which could have been foreseen, it’s just how it goes sometimes!) We were feeling pretty overwhelmed what with Jason’s new job, no church and this getting re-acquainted thing with our families after living 800 miles away for the prior 5 years.  I remember feeling terribly alone, unsure and yet hopeful. 

Here we are a year later in a place we like with a really great landlord and excellent insulation.  Jason’s loving the job (tonight’s the company Christmas party!  Whoo hoo!), we’ve nestled in at Council Road, have made some friends and while family dynamics are tricky no matter where you live, it’s good.    Oh, and to top it all off we’re adding another kiddo to the family.  I laugh thinking that there is no way I could have ever imagined being here with all these blessings a year later.  I would have said, “Yeah, sure.   Okay.”

Just like most people I know, there’s not a lot of extra to spend on Christmas this year.  Like I’ve said before (and I am sure that I have said it before, sorry.)  Having less money to buy gifts with not only forces me to focus on the gifts I already have but it’s given me a much better perspective on Christmas.  We’ve bought Jonah some things as always, but we’re really intent for the first time on sharing with him the miracle and the wonder of Christ’s birth and what is meant and continues to mean for the whole world – Hope.  Sweet, beautiful hope.  A reminder that in what seems like the direst of circumstances – a failing economy for one or over 2000 years ago, a messed up government, a mean king and a young, betrothed Jewish girl pregnant with God’s son, God always offers hope and His love. 

I posted this on my facebook too, but it touched me so deeply I had to post it here too.  It sums up what I am feeling in my heart this year.  A baby really does change everything. 



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