Why I Could Never be a Health Teacher

Life’s funniest moments happen when I least expect them, and today was a perfect example.  First off, let’s just say that for someone whose livelihood comes from a good sense of observation, I seem to have very little observatory skills sometimes. 

Take my doctor’s office for example.  Jonah goes with me to my monthly OB visits and has never done much but sit quietly looking at Dr. Seuss and wait to hear baby sister’s heartbeat.  Only this time I guess he was more curious and decided to explore the exam room we were in.  How could I not notice the giant female reproductive system on the counter?  The very detailed reproductive system model . . . yeah.  So he walks over, points to the – errrr – “whoo ha”, and asks, “What’s that?”  So I reply, “It’s called a uterus.  That’s where the baby lives right now.”  He nods and then says, “Do I have one?”  Oh great.  I knew this was coming.  At least we have the time.  “No Jonah, you have a penis (sorry folks, it is what it is) That’s what boys and daddies have.”  Jonah scrunches up his face and says, “And mommies too?”  I shake my head and start to explain again that boys have this and girls have, y’know – THAT -when I start to giggle and then full blown laugh. 

What is wrong with me?!  Jonah looks embarassed and smiles.  I say I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh. He says, “It’s okay Mommy.”  End of discussion and we’re back to Dr. Seuss. 

Obviously, I need Jason’s help here since the terminology for male parts makes me giggle.  Sigh.


3 thoughts on “Why I Could Never be a Health Teacher

  1. LOL moment here. Hannah has never asked questions like that. . . . when she asked how the baby got in me, my response was “God put him there.” And how does it get out??? “The doctor takes him out.” Okay, end of conversation. Gotta love models of the woman’s reproductive system

  2. This is why I am glad to be an aunt who won’t have to handle this topic anytime soon! (But don’t worry, I think you are a great mom and laughing is acceptable. . .because it IS funny.) And remind me to tell you a story about one of my coworker’s kids and the correct names for body parts (sung loudly in Target) some time.

  3. Oh my word! Mark read this outloud last night & I was rolling. You must have posted this right after I looked at your blog yesterday. That was so hysterical! lol! The joys of being a momma!

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