Continuing with the Thanksgiving theme, I am especially thankful for laughter in whatever form it comes.  I tend to find humor in just about everything, so here are a few giggly moments as of late:

  • As I was entering the freeway this morning a black Mercedes whipped past me (imagine that – a sporty black Mercedes whipping past my PT Cruiser ;)) I was about to grumble when I saw their license plate which read “YO MAMA.”  I laughed out loud and wanted to thank the person instead. 
  • My preschool class consists mostly of girls.  As one of my little boys was leaving yesterday the girls surrounded him with a group hug – too bad he’s too small to really appreciate this!  My co-teacher remarked to his dad that he was a “real chick magnet” to which one of my 4 year old girls replied, “Yup, he’s a real chick maggot.”  Nice!
  • Jonah says to Jason, “Daddy if you are really, really good Ho Ho will bring you a car for Christmas.”  I think I saw Jason seriously consider starting to believe in Santa again.
  • A parent of one of my students walked up just as I was saying to another teacher, “Yeah, I think it must have been especially potent puke.”  The look on his face was priceless!
  • Last week’s episode of The Office – Michael pays $500 for a Ziploc baggie of Caprice salad in hopes of framing Toby for alleged drug use.  A must-see!
  • New Kids on the Block performing at the AMA’s.  It was funny and sad.  It’s just not the same, not the same at all.
  • Me trying to eat a pomegranate earlier this week.  I bought them on a whim at Wal-Mart thinking, “I like these, why don’t I eat them more often?”  Then I sat down to eat one and quickly remembered why I don’t eat them too often – because by the time I had worked my way through half of one, I looked like I’d maimed someone or something.
  • Kung-Fu Panda.  We rented it last weekend, and it was a scream!  My favorite line – “There will be no charge for awesomeness.”

Laugh a little!


2 thoughts on “Giggles

  1. I love Kung Fu Panda… that’s an inside joke amongst me and my friends. Pomegranates are yummilicious! If you don’t want to look like you just killed something, you could just cut off both ends and rip it to pieces. That’s how I eat mine and I never pop a little seed!

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