Well, Thank ya!

Last Friday night Jason took us to Starbucks for some good hot cocoa.  I picked up one of those free local, kid of artsy paper that every big city seems to have and found this Thanksgiving themed story.  Well, it wasn’t a great story to tell you the truth, but more like a bitter diatribe against the well-loved tradition.  I was admittedly a little miffed when she snubbed her aunt’s tradition of asking everyone at the table to name something they are thankful for – I think she used the word “cheesy” and “forced.” 

Not trying to be ugly here and make this anonymous, yet seemingly unhappy girl seem like a jerk, but I just don’t get that.  So I was inspired to create a list of my thankfuls for this year . . . there are many, so I’ll just share a few.

  • I am thankful for God’s grace – really and truly.  It’s so amazing and just gets more amazing with each passing year.  I feel like I am starting to get a better grasp on what Paul meant in Romans 5:20-21 “but where sin increased, grace abounded all the more, Rom 5:21 so that, as sin reigned in death, even so grace would reign through righteousness to eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” 
  • For my parents – they are loving and real and a joy. 
  • For Jason – just when I think I have him figured out, he goes and surprises me.  He has made what started out as a really hard pregnancy into one I am enjoying.  I love how he loves Jonah and little Lyla already – I wonder if he knows that he loves them, I love him all the more.
  • My kids.  Kids – with an S!  I am getting impatient to see this baby girl.  I am overjoyed at God’s provision of this new addition to our family.  And yes, I am literally tickled pink to have a girl.  I’m just too blessed!
  • I am thankful for two special friends that passed on into eternity with Jesus, Ashley and Doris.  Both saints and women of God in every sense of those words.  In death, their legacies seem to rush forth into this world spreading light in every direction.  I feel honored to call them friends and wish I could just catch a glimpse of them wholly restored and glorious.  Someday!  🙂

On to the “less serious” thankfuls now . . .

  • good books – I’ve read several this year.  Need reading suggestions? I’ve got em!
  • new friends – while hard to make, the getting to know you part is so interesting and wonderful.
  • old friends – you really don’t realize what you have till you miss it.  I miss you Tennessee gals!
  • salad – namely Jason’s Deli.  Your salad bar rocks my world and deserves it’s own post . . .
  • Motherhood maternity jeans – a good Samaritan gave me no less than 4 pair, and I look cute!  Thank you!
  • Lip balm – not to be confused with chap stick or lip gloss.  A good balm does a kisser good.  (I suggest finding one at Sephora)

That’s all for now folks.  If anything, don’t be scroogy.  Be thankful!  Happy Thanksgiving!


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