Let the Countdown Begin!

Lyla and I are now in week 22 of pregnancy, meaning that I am starting to count down to week 40!  It’s amazing to me that between now and March we’ll have celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and Easter.  Did I miss any other major holidays?  Hopefully all the craziness will help the time to pass quickly, although the logical part of me says, “You have a ton to do before this baby arrives!  Use your time wisely!”  I’m trying.

The nesting has begun.  I cleaned the car inside and out on a whim, and had fun doing it.  Scary.  I also began sorting and filing bills this morning.  The hard part is that my urge to purge and clean battles with my personality.  I tend to get really overwhelmed with big projects, and I am a hopeless clutterbug.  Poor Jason, it drives him batty.  So I am attempting to do a little at a time so I can eventually have this place a little more cleared out before baby girl arrives.

Wish me luck, oh and pass on any fabulous (and easy) organizational tips please; I need all the help I can get!

On another note, we’re just about done Christmas shoping for Jonah.  As you saw in my last post, his “Ho Ho” list was pretty short and sweet.  I found most of what he wanted at Toys R Us today while he’s at my MIL’s house.  While I got some good deals, I have to say that I am not overly impressed with Toys R Us.  Maybe it’s that I come within earshot of screaming children every time I’m there, including today.  That’s just the thing, Toys R Us isn’t a real happy place for kids.  It’s not like in the little eclectic, individual owned stores where kids can actually play with stuff; everything at TRU is boxed up and overpriced.  I was only there for 30 minutes and was exhausted.  Oh, and apparently no one works there either.  The whole time I was there searching for a magnifying glass I didn’t see one employee except when I got to check out.  Maybe they were hiding from the screaming children.


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