Ho Ho

Hey all.  Hope you’re doing well this beautiful fall day!  It’s my day off from pre-school which means it’s my day on as full time housewife which inevitably means lots and lots of cleaning.  I’m trying to channel my nesting instinct, but it’s not really there for me today, so here I am blogging instead.

On the Lyla home front, we are 21 weeks now.  She has become very active and especially enjoys kicking my bladder!  The joy!  I think I might nominate preggo bathroom sprinting for a new olympic sport.  Yowsa!  According to my What to Expect calendar, Lyla is almost 1lb and the length of a large banana. My friends and co-workers seem to delight in telling me just exactly how round my bump is these days; I love ya’ll too.  I think it might finally be time for a bumptastic photo for you all to see; I’ll have Jason take one soon.  🙂

Jonah recently made his first Christmas list.  He dictated while Jason scribbled it out, in crayola of course.  He’s hoping that “Ho Ho” or Mom and Dad, will bring him at least some of the following:

  • a doctor kit
  • marshmallows
  • a new box for his crayons
  • a magnifying glass
  • a movie
  • a book
  • a game
  • dress shoes

I don’t know what the dress shoes are about, but I think Jason had something to do with that one.  Jonah also told Jason that if Jason was good Ho Ho might bring him a car.  I don’t know if Jason can be that good.  😉

What am I wanting this year?  A good night’s sleep, a clean house and a real date with my husband. Any would be fantastic!


3 thoughts on “Ho Ho

  1. I once asked for a warm coat and gloves for Christmas. . . .because I didn’t want to sound selfish or frivolous. . . .and I thought those were common sense, “good” gifts to ask for. The thing is, that was the Santa letter for the local paper and my parents still tease me about it and how I sounded like a poor, mistreated orphan. 🙂

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