Pretty in Pink

Well folks, if you haven’t already heard, we’re thinking pink in the Z household.  I must say that I really did (really!) have that  feeling.  Something in me just knew that I was carrying a much different little person than my crazy Jonah.  My mom, Jonah, and Jason came with me to the ultrasound on Monday.  The nurse looked surprised to see such a crowd with me since it’s usually just me and little man. 

The baby looked, well, sleepy!  The ultrasound tech tried her darndest to wake the sleeping babe, but all we got was a couple of hand movements.  After 15 agonizing minutes of prodding (with a very full bladder might I add!) we got a peek between the wee little legs to see the we were in fact having a girl.  My mom, grandmother to three grandsons, let out a cheer.  Jason just grinned.  Jonah looked indifferent.  He was just excited to see the baby.

Her name is Lyla Christine.  Lyla means Night in Hebrew and is the title of one of Jason’s favorite Oasis songs while Christine is my mother’s first name.  We think it fits her perfectly already.  Jonah and I went to Babies R Us today and registered for lots of cute, pink things and all the essentials too.  Jonah loved choosing outfits for “his baby girl.” 

It’s hard to believe we’re halfway there already.  March 29th here we come!


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