On a Day Like This . . .

I can’t believe it; there are no more articles to write!  At least for a while anyway . . . so I get to blog and not feel guilty.  Yay.  Today;s big project is cleaning (really cleaning) the house.  So, I am hoping for some nesting instinct to kick in a little to make things a bit easier.  Cleaning always goes faster when done in a manic state!

What I present to you this morning are a list of my wandering thoughts for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

  • I was sad this morning to discover that yet again, I forgot to soak the beans for 15 bean soup over night.  I was looking forward to that too!  My plan of attack:  a giant green post-it reading:  SOAK THE BEANS!
  • I am reading another great book, and I must give credit where credit it due.  Thanks, Mandy!  I am finally reading Black and Blue by Anna Quindlen.  For some reason I was reluctant to check this out.  Perhaps I was waiting for the tidal wave of early pregnancy hormones to subside so I could read it without having a breakdown.  I’m 91 pages in after a day and have to make myself put it down.  It’s really enthralling.  How does she do it?
  • Jonah ate squash last night – willingly.  I had one of those moments where I wanted to call my friends and brag about it, and then had the sense to get ahold of myself.  It’s just squash, but I somehow hope that it is a sign that I am a decent parent after all and/or that my child might just grow up making healthy choices.  Then he asked for, begged for candy as he batted his eyelashes at me, and it occurred to me that the squash may have all been a ploy to placate so he could eat candy.  Sigh.  Supermom moment over.  🙂
  • I watched the Today show do a piece on Sarah Pailin’s, Michelle Obama, and Cindy McCain’s wardrobes this morning.  Maybe I have been watching too much Bravo! but I actually thought to myself, “$150K for a wardrobe isn’t as outrageous for clothing as they’re making it sound.”  Now hear me out, I think $150k for clothes is ridiculous but I know that celebrities can spend that on a few outfits, easy.  Just watch The Rachel Zoe Project.  Seriously though, do they really expect the potential VP or first lady for that matter, to shop at TJ Maxx?  Yeah, right.  So Michelle Obama says she shops at J. Crew.  Sure, for Jay Leno, but let’s see if she’s making a run to Macy’s for a presidential ball?  I doubt it.  And for that matter, how come no one’s asking how much Barak’s, McCain’s or Biden’s suits cost?!  I highly doubt they got theirs at Khol’s either.  Sigh.  It’s just annoying.
  • We’ve only had our new landline phone for a week, and we’re already getting telemarketing calls. I am slightly impressed at how quick on the draw they are, and curious.  Oh well.  Another number to register on the do-not-call list.

Well friends, the electrician just called to say that he is on the way.  I guess I will brush my hair afterall.


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