The Baby Shower – Office Style


There’s nothing like a good dose of televised hilarity to cheer me up.  Of course this means that The Office came on last night followed by the SNL Political Weekend Update.

So The Office is really interesting this season.  Pam and Jim are, after all, a normal couple who are not always in sync.  Neither are good at multi-tasking I guess.  Who really is, though?  From Dwight giving birth to a watermelon baby covered with butter (ew!) to Jan singing a painfully long and embarrassing rendition of Me and Bobby McGee (poor Astrid – or Astird . . .) to Michael purposefully saying that Holly was a weirdo who smelled like old tomatoes – it was priceless.

Oh, and we rolled when Angela tried to do an Anne Geddes style photo shoot with Jan’s baby – I’m supised she didn’t prop her up with a mini saxaphone too!

I’m really curious to see where this thing with Michael and Holly is going.  The evil Jan obviously senses Michael’s affection for her despite his attempts at fake hatred.  Is anyone else wondering how Jan is supporting herself and her novelty-named child?  Surely Serenity by Jan can’t be doing that well.

Anywho, all you Office freaks please humor me and let me know your favorite quote from last night’s show!


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