Send Out a Prayer

It’s strange sometimes how tragedy and joy seem to intermingle.  As my family will be celebrating 60 years of my mother-in-law’s life this weekend, a dear friend in Tennessee, and truly one of the most wonderful people I’ve known, is literally fighitng for her life against cancer. 

I just can’t wrap my mind around what Ashley and her family are expereincing, and my prayers feel so feeble.  I hate being so far away, feeling so detatched.  Still, if you only knew, and some of you do, how precious she is to so many, I know that my prayers are joined by thousands of others.  

Ashley, Judy, Bill, and the whole Holmertz-Gemmill family – you guys have blessed my family beyond measure in the short time we had with you all in Tennessee.  We love you, and pray God’s peace that passes all understanding would overflow your hearts and minds.


Ashley went home to be with the Lord today, Sunday October 12, 2008, at 2pm.  Please pray for the wealth of family and friends she leaves behind.  She’s not in pain anymore, praise God.  She will be greatly missed.


2 thoughts on “Send Out a Prayer

  1. Bill was actually at the choir retreat last night and wanted to tell the choir firsthand what was happening. The news is bad. Such an amazing family. Ashley is such a beautiful woman of God. We’re all praying, too.

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