First order of business:  Book Club.  I’ve received several positive responses; thank you!  Now the questions is, what to read?  I say let’s vote on a genre at least.  So post or message me on facebook your suggestions (for genres or books) and we’ll take a vote.

Second, I am 16 weeks pregnant today.  According to my What to Expect Calendar  Little Z is the size of a naval orange, can hear my voice (and probably those of Jason and Jonah who tend to not use an indoor voice), has eyebrows, and eyelashes.  Very cool!  No movement felt yet, but that should start in a couple of weeks or so.  Any of you who’ve been pregnant know that the kicking and punching is cute . . . at first.  Then it starts to feel like actual kicking and punching, from the inside out.  Ouch! 

I promised an update on Jonah’s dentist appointment; in a nutshell, it was great.  We went to the Dental Depot.  Not only was this office fun for Jonah what with the constantly moving model train that runs throughout every room in the building, but the staff were super friendly and they give you free t-shirts and water bottles.  Hey, I love free stuff!  I am proud to announce that Jonah is cavity-free and had a no freak-outs during the entire x-ray, cleaning, examination process.  In fact, he can’t wait to go back in 6 months, but I think he just wants another Shrek toothbrush.

Other than that, I can hardly believe we’ll have a new president in just a month.  Honestly, I’ve had a hard time making a decision.  The older I get the less I want to be affiliated with either political party, so no loyalty to go with.  I agree with my husband that no one could pay me enough to take over the big ole mess our country is in.  On a lighter note, did you all get to catch the SNL skit of the VP debate?  HILARIOUS!


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