This and That

I’m tired, but realize I’ve worked too hard to let my little bloggie go to pot so here are some random thoughts for you to enjoy, or not.  🙂

  • Jason and I rented Atonement and Into the Wild this weekend, for fun.  While both films were well done and interesting, I felt like having an ugly cry after they were over.  Sheesh, could we have picked anything more depressing? 
  • According to my co-workers at the pre-school, I finally look pregnant.  That’s good to hear because seriously, I think I look like I am developing a smallish beer belly. 
  • The premiere of the Office last Thursday was great.  We had a friend over to watch with us, Evelyn.  The last time Evelyn came over we fed her spaghetti.  Guess what we had for dinner last Thursday?  Yup . . . she didn’t mind.  So I found this episode to be full of awkwardness and FINALLY a proposal!  Yes!  You know it’s a good episode when you hear yourself say, “Has it been an hour already?!”
  • I hate ragweed.  It’s giving me headaches, and I’m spending 15 minutes of my mornings expelling phlegm.  Sorry to share, but it’s so annoying!
  • The presidential debates.  Awkward and strange.  Should the moderator have to tell the candidates to talk to one another? Or better yet, ask them repeatedly to answer the actual questions.  It was just weird.  My thoughts, I don’t think either one is really ready to take over this big ole mess.

So that’s all for now, folks.  I am off to chill!


2 thoughts on “This and That

  1. You guys did rent some depressing movies! I for one, did have an ugly cry after I saw Atonement. . . and I read the book beforehand and knew what was going to happen. 🙂 The Office made me happy. The next day, I was talking to Mindy and out the blue, I was like, “Mindy, Jim proposed to Pam.” You know, like they were actual friends of mine! 🙂

  2. Okay, after reading Atonement (saw the movie first), I think it is one of the worst done movies of a book I’ve ever seen. It was horrible. . . and yes, made me ill beyond belief.

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