It’s Me!

Have you ever not called a dear friend in such a long time due to extenuating circumstances that you feel a little awkward getting back in touch?  I feel like that now with you all and this blog.  Some of you bugged me for a bit about posting but then probably figured that was difficult whilst my head was in a toilet (I know, ewwww!)  Still, here I am, hoping you’ll still be friends with me.  😉

I am getting caught up on work.  I was stressing for a minute, but lack of nausea leads to a brain that still seems to work just fine.  I am back to whipping out witty articles on cosmetic dentistry, interior design, day spas, and ah yes, plastic surgery.  You know, all the things I’m worried about as a consumer.  🙂  I think the stuff I write about it funny considering I may never use these services in my life . . . although a hot stone massage sounds mighty good right about now!

While talking to one of my customers today, we somehow came around to where I live.  Apparently, one of the publishers thinks I live in St. Louis, and the graphics designer does too.  Say what?  This lady and I had a good laugh anyway since I’ve never even been there.  Oh well. 

Today was my 3rd doc appointment.  I am 12 weeks along now.  Jonah came with this time to hear the heartbeat, although the baby was being stubborn and moved every time the nurse would get the wand positioned just right.  It must be a girl. 

We visited the Oklahoma State Fair last night.  It was okay.  I hate saying that because I have always enjoyed it so much.  While it was fun, it just wasn’t like I remembered.  Everything was so stinking expensive . . . we both found ourselves saying how we missed the Wilson County Fair in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee.  We visted that one every year.  It is definitely more county, but beautiful and inexpensive . . . oh yeah, and a national BBQ competition.  Heck yeah!  Still, I had my turkey leg and roasted corn; I was pretty happy. 

Well, my poor house is crying out to be cleaned, so more later – I promise!


3 thoughts on “It’s Me!

  1. I’ve missed you! Glad you are back!

    Going to the fair as an adult is not nearly as exciting as when you were a child. As a child, you see the lights, food, rides and think you are in heaven. As an adult, you see the trash behind the rides, the over-priced food options, and the sweat-drenched hair from humidity.

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