A Breath of Fresh Air

It’s a cool 65 degrees here in Oklahoma City on a rainy Wednesday.  I love it!  It means that my favorite time of year is on its way – fall!  I turned off the A/C and opened up all the windows in our townhouse.  Jonah just wiggled with excitement as he let the breeze rush over his face at his bedroom window. He snuggled up under his favorite quilt as he settled down for his nap and said, ” Ooh mama, I’m cozy!”  Sometimes that boy is so much like Jason and me that it astounds me.  I like to think of us a family who thoroughly enjoys the little, simple pleasures in life, like snuggling under a warm quilt on a cool afternoon.  There’s just nothing like it.

Last Friday we loaded up our car and headed for Waurika Lake for a long Labor Day weekend at the lake house with my parents.  I don’t think any of us could stand one more minute of stuffy, air conditioned rooms, of traffic or computers.  We had to get out to the country.  And my parents lake house . . . is in the epitomy of the country.  Right on the lake, so quiet you can literally hear someone talking miles away if you listen hard enough.  Despite a torrential downpour and too many potty breaks (according to Jason, sorry honey!) we made it to the lake about 2 hours later than planned on Friday. 

It was a glorious weekend of good food, late night movies, country drives with mom and a trip to our favorite 3 county consignment store, the Red Barn.  Yes, it really is in a giant red barn.  Jonah and Jason boated around the lake with my dad and discovered islands, swam, and collected rocks and shells.  I enjoyed a couple of simply wonderful naps.  I definitely felt better than I had in weeks. 

I realized what it was that was so energizing.  Fresh air.  Do you ever feel like you just need a serious dose of fresh air?  I do.  I think I got a dose of fresh perspective too this weekend.  My present discomfort will pass and in just another month or so we’ll find out if a brother or sister will be joining us.  We have names, and we’re not telling.  🙂

God is good.  Sometimes I just can’t see the forest for the trees.  Sometimes I get into a pit, and that’s exactly where I’ve been.  Take a look at Beth Moore’s Get Out of That Pit for more on that; it’s awesome.  I just seemed to have lost my perspective, my creativity, my sight – my mind, in the midst of being so sick and of course life moves on as usual and other things inevitably go wrong, so I took it as “Oh Lord, why is my world falling down around my ears?!”  When really, it wasn’t.  Thank you Lord for fresh air.

He lifted me out of the pit of despair, out of the mud and the mire. He set my feet on solid ground and steadied me as I walked along.  Psalm 40:2, NIV


4 thoughts on “A Breath of Fresh Air

  1. Thanks for that. Sometimes I feel like the world has been crumbling around me as well. Of course, right now it’s all financial stuff. Hopefully I’ll find some peace soon. And until then, I do know where to lean!

  2. Fresh air! yes! yes! YES! I love Fall and cannot wait for camping, the outdoors and sweaters~LOL~
    With everything going on in politics and the division of the country as it is..getting into peace and real quiet is good for the soul of a man and woman!!

  3. Here in So Cal, not even a a tiny hint of fall in the air. It’s still hot as heck and we are waiting for a break in the weather. Summer has a tenacious grip on my soul.

    Fall is my favorite time of year, too. Sounds like you enjoyed blessed time at your parents’ lake house. Glad you are feeling better, too.

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