Just Say Yes . . .

To drugs.  I do.  I had to. 

You might have noticed (I hope you did!) that I have been absent lately.  I’ve been spending my quality time either in agony on the couch or in the bathroom relinquishing any and all food that I have attempted to keep down.  Fun stuff.

Yesterday was my 2nd doctor appointment which also included an ultrasound to determine the due date of this kiddo.  I went in with a plan.  Beg doctor for anti-nausea medication.  If doctor hesitates, become hostile if necessary.  You see friends, my sanity was on the line.  As you may already know, I do not have a high threshold for pain or discomfort, and stomach pain/nausea is the worst.   I really believe that it can and has driven people crazy! 

I felt like I was getting to that point.  I was afraid to eat or drink anything because I didn’t want to suffer the consequences.  Hence, the plan.

I was so excited about my doctor’s appointment that I arrived 30 minutes early.  I told on myself as I checked in.  When the receptionist saw how early I was she said, ” Uh, wow.  Yeah, you are really early!”  I blamed it on the “pregnant brain” knowing full well that wasn’t true at all.  I know that appointment times don’t matter one bit at the doctor’s office, but I thought I might appease them by arriving super early.  I was right!  Since I was so early and the office was empty, they went ahead and did my ultrasound. 

I will post pics of the peanut later.  I am 8.5 weeks along, due March 29th.  I have to tell you, hearing that baby’s heartbeat was golden!  I needed to hear that and to see that teeny, tiny little baby in there.  It really put things into perspective since I have been feeling pretty sorry for myself lately. 

After the ultrasound, I regrouped to execute “the plan”.  Turns out I didn’t need the plan at all.  My doctor is awesome.  After calmly explaining that I felt like crap and couldn’t function, he promptly wrote me a prescription for the good stuff.  Good man!

So here I am this morning feeling like me again.  It’s glorious!  For now, I need to go and catch up on 2 weeks worth of writing and houework.  Yikes!


6 thoughts on “Just Say Yes . . .

  1. I had noticed you were gone and I was curious 🙂 8.5 weeks, huh? Were they wrong the first time then? That puts you just a week ahead of me…which hospital will you go to? Wonder if we’ll be having them together haha.

  2. Glad you’re feeling better with medication. I thought you were already 3 months pregnant. . this takes you back a bit and explains why you feel like crapola. Awesome that you heard baby’s h/b already. God is good!

  3. I’m glad your feeling better. I agree- nausea is one of the worst types of pain. Bleech. Here’s to 31.5 weeks of feeling awesome and getting ready to meet peanut #2.

  4. 🙂 Yay for the drugs! I hope you keep feeling better. My sis-in-law’s due date got moved up—again. I’m thinking they were WAY wrong on when exactly she got pregnant. Because due dates don’t mysteriously move from November 18 to October 28. 🙂

  5. yay for drugs. I think we should all just start using illegal drugs and then our lives would be better for example Lindsay Lohan.

    I miss you.

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