The Crystal Z Variety Hour

Due to all the late night Olympic watching and bouts of sickness, the days have completely run together this week.  I have so much to do and not nearly enough time.  I don’t even have any great stories to share with you all.

However, I do have randomness aplenty. Enjoy.

  • On my quest to conquer the morning sickness sans drugs I took the advice of a good friend who has weathered these same stormy seas twice and bought Sea Bands.  I read a clinical trial where Sea Bands were used with pregnant women and 75% reported that the bands were effective.  75% is pretty good in my opinion.  They are not at all stylish.  In fact they look at little old lady/Napoleon dynamiteish.  The verdict?  Jury’s still out.  They work by acupressure, which I have no experience with, and I need to make sure I have them positioned correctly.  I don’t feel like death at the moment; so that’s a start.
  • Remember my post where I mentioned eating chorizo and feeling good about it?  Ha.  Silly, silly girl.  I was so incredibly sick the entire next day that I barely got off the couch.  Never, ever again.
  • We love the Red Box at McDonald’s.  If you’re disciplined enough to return the movie on time, you can get a new release for only a $1.  However, if you got to the Red Boxwebsite you can get a free rental by registering.  Since registering, I signed up to get a text message every Mon and Wed with a code for a free rental!  How cool is that?  We got Nim’s Island on Wed.  Loved it.  Very cute movie with a great storyline.
  • Maternity clothes.  Love em’.  It’s not that I am showing so much already, although I am a little, it’s just that any pressure on the stomach area just makes the nausea worse.  The maternity clothes have been an absolute lifesaver.  Honestly, I’d wear stretchy pants every day for the rest of my lfie if I could get away with it.  I can’t believe I just admitted that to the whole free world – oh well.
  • The micro-fleece changing pad covers.  I know I said they were a dumb idea (and I still maintain that a pink one isn’t a great idea) but a few friends swear by the things and say they wash extremely well.  Plus they come in colors like brown.  So, if you come over and I have one . . . don’t make fun!

3 thoughts on “The Crystal Z Variety Hour

  1. Glad to hear the preggo sickness is down slightly. Hopefully those sea bands work for you.

    The Olympics are going to kill me. I can’t get myself to turn the tv off and turn the light off! I’m addicted.

  2. I keep on saying that I won’t stay up late and watch the Olympics. Yet, here it is 10:50 pm and I’m still up and going strong. I’ll pay tomorrow.

    I not only wore maternity clothes during each of my three pregnancies, I wore them at least 3 months after each baby was born, too!

    Chorizo? Chorizo? Oh, man!

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