Weekend Wrap-Up

So it’s the end to another weekend.  It’s been a good one . . . sort of productive.  To wrap up the week(end) here are some random thoughts for your reading enjoyment:

  • I bought a jar of Vlasic baby dills on Friday afternoon.  They’re gone.  That’s right; I ate them all – pretty much by myself.  Hey, they’re a vegetable.  Jonah had a couple, and actually liked them.  When he realized the pickle jar was empty last night his response was, “Mama!  You and the baby ate all the pickles!  That’s not nice!  You can’t eat all the pickles?!”  Wanna bet? 🙂
  • Watching the Olympic girls gymnastics is very tense for me.  I get so nervous for them.  I love their coach Marta Karoli because she seems so encouraging with all of her kisses and hugs.  Like a gymnastic grandma.
  • I ate chorizo for dinner and my stomach feels fine.  I don’t get how I can get queasy from a green bean but can handle ultra spicy chorizo.  My kid is a hot tamale!
  • Just for fun, we went to some baby stores to look at baby “stuff” this weekend.  The verdict?  I refuse to spend more on a crib than a freaking living room set or a king size bed.  I mean, really?  And micro-fleece plush changing table covers?  You clean off poop there.  Poop.  Do poop and pink micro fleece mix?  Nope, they sure don’t.  Also, $300 for crib bedding which every pediatrician and baby magazine on the planet says is a suffocation hazard?!  I just don’t get it.  Sorry to sound like a negative Nelly, but I felt a little insulted that these stores would charge such ridiculous prices on baby stuff.  No thanks; I’ll stick with Target and Craigslist.
  • My husband rocks.  He’s rubbed my feet, gotten me ice cream, held my purse while I ran to the bathroom for the umpteenth time, and smiled all the while.  He knows how to take care of a preggo all right.  🙂

6 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up

  1. I hear ya on the baby bedding stuff….why does it have to cost so much when you shouldn’t even “use” most of it. Ah well, we will continue on with our boring crib sheets 🙂

  2. My coworker just had a baby boy, Micah, and says she loves the micro-fleece baby changer cover. She said she even gives baths on it. I guess Micah likes the feel of it once the bath is done. Maybe she puts a cloth or blanket on the bottom half while changing diapers. I’ll ask her how she uses it so poop and pee doesn’t get everywhere.

    I heart pickles! Wendi hates them so any pickle in the house is all mine 🙂

  3. And, here we are again, Mindy, talking about poop. Wow! (Crystal, every week our Life Group finds a way to discuss poop. yep)

    And props to Jason! Way to be a great husband! I hope you’re feeling great. And eat all the pickles you want. You’re pregnant. You and the baby CAN eat all the pickles if you want to. One day, Jonah will understand.

  4. Thanks for the props honey! I still have tons of room to improve. I guess I will just have to take Jonah out on the town for his very own pickle. You know what sounds good right now?..A Root Beer Float…from Sonic!! Holla if ya Hear me!!!!!!

  5. I totally agree with you on the overpriced hazardous baby gear. We ended up returning our bumper and just have sheets and a dust ruffle. However, now that Colton is squirming more, he does end up with his head next to the crib bars pretty often and I wonder if I should have kept the bumper after all.

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