Ni Hao!

It’s 9:53pm, and I’ve been watching the Olympic opening ceremonies since 6:30.  My current pregnant state has sent me running to the restroom during every commercial break; I don’t want to miss a minute of it! 

My favorite part is the presentation of the athletes.  I wish with all my being that I was there, that Jonah was there with me to literally see peoples from all over the world pass before our eyes.  It’s so beautiful to me – an awesome testament to God’s creativity in His creation. 

While there has been a great deal of controversy with China hosting the 2008 games, which I understand, I am still so excited for them.  I became a little obsessed with Chinese culture while in college.  While serving as the missions leader at the BSU I did some research on the famous Baptist missionary, Lottie Moon and became entranced with the Chinese culture and their history.

From that point on I became an immense fan of Amy Tan and was delighted to work in a great little Chinese restaurant in Chickasha – China Moon.  If you ever go through there, you must stop.  It’s fantastic!  Don’t bother with the buffet.  They have a great menu, and very inexpensive too.  The chef, Jimmy, is a white guy but very well trained in Chinese cuisine.  He and his wife were some of the best bosses I had.  Okay, sorry for the sidebar there.  I love good Chinese food.

The summer before I married Jason I went on a 10 week mission trip to Alberta, Canada where I spent the summer hanging out with international students from China, Korea, and Sudan.  But mostly Chinese.  I taught Sunday school to 3rd graders in a Chinese church and did a Sunday night program at a Sudanese church.  These two people groups became deeply engraved on my heart.

With the Chinese, I had never met people with such an incredible sense of honor, respect, and hospitality.  Many of the families we visited lived in tiny apartment with little to no furniture.  Yet if they had one chair, you as their guest would be sitting in it.  I came home more in love with China than ever. 

So it looks like the last of the athletes are coming into the stadium which is good because I’m getting a little sleepy.  I am looking forward to finally having something to watch on TV for the next couple of weeks.  The Olympics really are about the only sports I enjoy watching.  Happy cheering!


One thought on “Ni Hao!

  1. Great post honey. I was filled with a weird kind of sadness that overall, our country seems to be one of huge entitlement…and although China is a communist country..we still can learn (and apply) the honor, respect and hospitality that these great people have to teach us. ……GO TEAM USA!!!

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