Bad Monkey Geroge

I was drowsily watching Curious George on PBS this morning with Jonah when I realized that I was starting to feel . . . annoyed.  You see, sweet little George was experiencing a dilemma that we know all too well in our household.  With the prolonged daylight of summer, Jonah has a difficult time going to sleep at his regular bed time.  George was having an equally difficult time.

One friend suggested that I move his bed time, but I really don’t think that would solve anything.  Jonah is an early riser who wakes up at 6am no matter what time he goes to bed.  A later bed time only means a tired, grouchy Jonah the next day for which I have less patience for lately. 

Well George decided he would turn the clocks back, unknown to the man with the yellow hat, making them late for everything.  So I’m watching this little drama unfold and I find my self thinking, “That George needs a good spanking!” I was genuinely annoyed.

It must be the hormones!


2 thoughts on “Bad Monkey Geroge

  1. Just be thankful you don’t live in the more northern latitudes. While we were in Holland during our recent vacation, it did not get dark until around eleven o’clock at night. It was really weird. Way too easy to stay up late.

    Have you tried to fake your little guy out with room darkening window shades?

  2. Oh hon, we’re still dealing with this – here’s our solution – Hannah has a lullaby CD. We put it on and tell her that she can come out of her room when the CD is over, only for us to come and take her back to bed and sit with her a bit. Anyway 3/4 of the time, she’s asleep before it’s over.

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