Morning Sickness Musings

Ugh.  I feel gross.  The nausea is unrelenting this morning.  I need something besides cleaning to take my mind off of the roller derby going on inside, so I am attempting to blog.  We’ll see how this goes . . .

So speaking of cleaning, we did some deep cleaning yesterday after church and a much deserved nap.  We scrubbed, vacuumed places that haven’t seen a vacuum in a long time, mopped, and dusted.  I started to wonder again as to what clues I must have missed that might have given me a clue that I was expecting.  Yes!  The cleaning!  About 2 weeks ago, I felt a sudden urge to organize.  If you know me very well at all, this just doesn’t come about naturally at home.  While I don’t love clutter – I can live with it.  I know where everything is.  Yet I felt a deep desire to take all of our clothes out of the drawers and toss out stuff we don’t wear, match socks, and refold t-shirts.  Yeah, that should have been a clue.  If I’m this freaky about cleaning now, what’s going to happen right before Z #2 comes along?  Scary.

My friend Liz gave us free tickets to see the Redhawks last Friday night. Jonah has been dying to go to a “weal baseball game” as he calls it, and since this awful heat has all but turned us into hermits, we knew we needed to go.  So as 6pm rolled around and the temp dropped from an ungodly 106 to a balmy 98, we set out for the game.  Thankfully, our seats were in a shaded area, so the heat wasn’t too bad.  Then I made the mistake of looking up only to notice a pigeon precariously perched right above us with it’s hind quarters strategically aimed right over our heads.  Not cool!  I tried to ignore the bird, to pray it away – it just sat there, and I swear he looked ready to drop a bomb.  So we moved to seats that weren’t ours and hoped no one would come kick us out.  I am happy to report that we enjoyed poop-free seats and a good game. (Redhawks kicked some Las Vegas booty!) 

Now, I am one of these moms who loves a good life lesson for my kid.  There’s just nothing like it.  No amount of nagging, metaphors, or stories can teach a child like a real life lesson can.  Case in point:  Jonah is at this age where he thinks he is BIG stuff.  He is constantly attempting to escape my grasp and run off to do as he pleases.  I have lectured, read books, sent him to time-out – all of it, but nothing seemed to be sinking in.  As we were leaving the ballpark on Friday night, Jason and I noticed a boy who looked to be about 7 or 8 years old standing near one of the gates in near hysteria.  When we asked him what was wrong, he choked out that he was lost and had no idea where mom and dad were.  Poor thing – I remember that feeling when I was a kid of sheer terror.  Some kids would think this was a grand opportunity to be free, but this kid was like me I guess – not so brave when out of the parental radar.  We took him to one of the gate guards who radioed the on-duty officer and thankfully, the kid remembered his dad’s cell phone number.  So Jason called dad and the office took the kid to a focal point to reunite with his parents, but all the while Jonah sat and watched this bigger boy cry. 

After we walked away, Jonah said, “Mommy, that boy was scared!”  I replied, “Yup, he was.  Do you know why?”  Jonah looked like he knew the answer but wasn’t about to admit it.  I said, “He ran away from his mommy and daddy.  He was lost.  He was really scared!  That is why I tell you to stay with me.”

Let’s just say he held my hand pretty tightly on the way to the car.


2 thoughts on “Morning Sickness Musings

  1. Awwww. . . I hope you feel better. . . does the morning sickness end for you, because with me it was all pregnancy long. Sweet note about Jonah. . . gotta love that boy!

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