The Accidental Family

Well I’m here still trying to let this all sink in.  I did a phone interview with a bank manager in Tennessee who is 2 weeks away from delivering her second child.  There’s just something fun about talking to another pregnant woman.  We went from talking business to babies in about 10 seconds flat.  She said something I found to be really funny – and true! 

Many plan their children.  Not the Zaragozas.  We have an accidental family, although my dad says, “Honey, there are no accidents.”  Yeah, yeah.  My banking friend says, “You know it’s funny that even though we planned for this” or in my case, did not but we know what causes it 😉 “when I saw that positive test – even for the second kid, I had this overwhelming feeling of, ‘Oh NO! What have we done?!'” 

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.  I know I will get past the stage of wondering what might have been as I had just begun to see a light at the end of the stay-at-home-mom tunnel.  I know I will begin to once again dream of tiny clothes and itty bitty hands and feet.  Then I am reminded that there will be diapers again.  Sheesh. 

For your reading enjoyement, here are a few funny quips over the past three days since becoming a family of almost 4.

“Mommy, I think I’ll make pancakes for the baby.  Babies like pancakes.”  – Jonah

“So are you going to get a mommy and me exercise tape this afternoon?” – Jason, to which my reply was an evil stare.

“I think it’s a girl baby, mama.  I want a stister.”  – Jonah

“Mama, how does the baby come out?,”  Jonah asks.  “Nope, we’re not going to talk about that Jonah.  I go to the hospital, and the doctor takes it out,” I reply.  “Oh, does it hurt?” he asks.  “Yes,”  I say.  “It hurts a lot.”


One thought on “The Accidental Family

  1. Hehehehe! Yes, that’s my standard answer as well. . . . wait for the “How did the baby get in your tummy?” to which I responded, “well, god put him there.” And Hannah asks, “how did god put him there?” And I responded, “hmmm, well honey, he just knows what he’s doing.” That was the answer. She bought it. LOL

    I have Mirena. . . great birth control. 🙂

    Hannah prayed for a baby today. . . and not just a baby. “God, please let my mommy have twins.” WOW!

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