Oh Baby!

Well folks, it appears that I am with child.  I have a bun in the oven, a pea in the pod, a . . . well I’ve run out of witty metaphors. 

You see, I went to the doctor yesterday to see what the deal was.  3 months, no cycle yet I had a handful of negative home pregnancy tests.  I stopped taking them over a month ago because they are expensive, and I was tired of being disappointed.  Not that I was really wanting to be preggo (because while babies are cute – heartburn, weight gain, and birth are not fun).  Still, it is disappointing to expect one thing and get another.

So I fully expected my doctor’s appointment to result in a prescription for something to get me going again along with a stern talking to about weight, etc.  So maybe you can imagine my surprise when the nurse prances in and very nonchalantly says, ‘Well, you’re pregnant!”  I know my eyes must have gotten huge as saucers because she looked a little concerned.  It’s funny how nurses and doctors can say things to you in such a matter-of-fact way.  She might as well have said, “This blouse costs $10.” 

Jason and I are convinced that Jonah must have a very active prayer life for a 3 year old.  I know for a fact he prayed hard for this, and the fact that he got what he wanted has been very exciting to him.  He has already told me that the baby can have his baby blankets and teddy bears, oh and last night he yelled at my stomach, “Hello in there!  You doing okay?!  You want some toys to play with?!”  This experience is definitely going to provide tons of blogworthy moments!

So the doctor thinks I am already about 12 weeks along. So it seems I have been pregnant all summer totally unaware.  Figures.  I just have to laugh as I write this.  It figures!


10 thoughts on “Oh Baby!

  1. Wow! Who knew those pumpkin seeds would amount to anything…I am so excited and watching Jonah is hilarious!! He is a prayer warrior. Well here we go again!! I better get to work!!! LOL! Somebody call ABC’s Home Makeover..do they build for renters?….God is faithful..only this time honey please ask God for a craving like say…nachos??

  2. I know this was not an expected/planned for child but I’m so happy for you! Jonah sounds way super-excited. God will provide everything you need in the future!

  3. OH BABY! Super exciting! Babies are showing up everywhere around me! Like Mindy said, it’s a surprise, but I dare to say a good one. And Jonah! Oh, boy. This is going to be interesting!

  4. Congrats!! and man it would be cool to get out of the first trimester without knowing hehe So when is the due date?? Sorry, I should be able to calculate that hehe

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