Nightcap anyone? I’ll have a small tirade, thanks.

Have you ever had an “almost friend”?  Almost-friends come in many forms.  There’s the pleasant acquaintance that you’d really like to get to know better but perhaps your schedules don’t mesh, so it’s just easier to be . . . acquainted.

Then there’s the vacation-almost-friend.  It was there, it was real, it was over.  This can apply to other friendly relationships too.  Promised you’d write, promised you call – why ruin a fun thing by discovering they’re not as interesting as you thought?

Then there’s the kind I experienced recently.  The kind of tragic almost-friend.  Things are be-bopping along swimmingly when something unexpected crops up (psst . . . it’s called real life) You’d probably spent time with this person, shared some laughs, discussed important matters, you might have even thought you had a sure thing, but life crops up – raw and mean and totally out of the blue.  It’s quickly and firmly settled, your bosom buddy turns into an almost-friend.  I really hate this.  I hate the “last look”.  One of my favorite lines from Elizabethtown – “Because we have a moment here, let me tell you that I have recently become a secret connoisseur of ‘last looks’. You know the way people look at you when they believe it’s for the last time? I’ve started collecting these looks.”

Yup, I got a last look.  A look that said, “Well we could have been great friends but this whole screwed up life thing of yours really doesn’t jibe well with my perfect one.”  Sorry, I don’t mean to sound all “grouchy” as Junie B. Jones would say.  Because on the other side of that is the real friend – the one who looks at you in the midst of a freak-out, a disaster, or a trip to Target with you and your unruly child and says, “Cool, she’s not perfect either.”


6 thoughts on “Nightcap anyone? I’ll have a small tirade, thanks.

  1. I’m sorry for the lost friendship. I’ve been there before, and I was the one being walked away from. My life didn’t live up to the other persons life…or what they perceived to be the perfect way of living.

    This other lady is missing out on the fabulous Crystal Zaragoza – her loss.

  2. Thank the Good Lord for real friends. The ones who love us at our best and at our worst. The true friends who tell us when we have a piece of spinach stuck between our teeth rather than simply looking the other way. Fair weather friends can disappoint…but they can also remind us how blessed we are to have lasting friendships!

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