New Fangled Objects

I am pretty proud of myself.  I made the techie man from Dell laugh today.  Hooray!  I am funny!  You see, he was techie numero dos.  The first guy I called was very enthusiastic.  Too enthusiastic.  I suppose he thought that my precious minutes on the phone not  working on articles during Jonah’s nap time was a great time to explain to me in great detail what viruses and spy-ware were.  I believe he said, “You see, Crystal” like we were friends or something about 50 times.

All the while I am thinking, “Dude . . . I do not care.  I do have a working knowledge of computers and Internet.  Please for the love of everything good just FIX this!” 

After his little lesson was over he then announced that he was sure it was a really mean piece of spyware that would be virtually impossible to remove.  Gee thanks.  Oh and it gets better.  Since I didn’t purchase my computer directly from Dell, he couldn’t do anything for me anyway and would have to transfer me to another department.  Wow, and to think all that was just free advice!

So I kind of retold my little story to tech man number two and got a chuckle.  The chuckles didn’t last long though. I guess they get really tired of hearing, “huh? Type what where when?”  Long story short, the tech man was able to magically get into my computer. (Cue the Zoolander quote:  “It’s in the computer?!”) It is really odd to see your computer seemingly working on its own.  There was no spy-ware after all, just a glitch that was pretty easily fixed. 

Thanks Dell Techie man number two, your services (and your laugh) are appreciated.


2 thoughts on “New Fangled Objects

  1. I love, love, love it when IT and tech guys think they have a teachable moment. But the deal is, when I call you, I don’t want a lesson on computers and technology (which makes me think of Kip from Napolean Dynamite). I want the problem fixed, NOW! But kudos on making the guy laugh. People usually don’t laugh at me and I’m left feeling awkward. 🙂
    (and nice Zoolander mention!)

  2. Wendi has a great story of calling DELL. Her printer wasn’t working and she couldn’t figure out why. Wendi got on the phone with someone that a)was in India or b)was from India, now living elsewhere. After going through the check list we all love to hear, the tech actually told Wendi to pick her printer up, turn it over, and shake it. This is when Wendi said, “What?! You want me to shake it? Huh?” I think she ended the phone call at that point.

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