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So with the Dark Knight coming out and everything, I thought I’d post something about movies.  I also listened to a tid bit from BOB FM’s morning show today as they discussed movies that everyone else loved but you just didn’t “get it”. 

While I’m seeing many glowing reviews of the latest Batman movie, I have also seen/heard some rather negative reviews too.  Perhaps this will be one of these films that does not allow for much of a middle ground.  You love it or you hate it. 

Movies, like any art, are totally subjective in nature.  I remember taking a film class while at USAO and being really surprised at the remarkably different impressions students came away with after each film.  This is perhaps why I don’t give much merit to critics in general.  So much of our lives, our perceptions seeps into how we experience things – especially art.  I don’t see how a critic could completely separate themselves from the material they’re critiquing.  Maybe I’m wrong, though.  Maybe that’s just me!  See, no objectivity. 😉

So I got to thinking of movies that I loved that left others scratching their heads and vice versa.  So I’ll start with movies that I don’t get.  Weird Science.  Jason loves this movie.  He and his brothers find this to be the pinnacle of hilarity.  I think it’s gross and well . . . weird!  I tried to watch it with him a few months ago, and found myself asking him, “Okay seriously, what is so funny about this?”  He looked at me like I had a squid coming out of my ear.  Yeah, yeah.  I just don’t get it.

For us, it would be The Office.  This is a TV show of course, not a movie, but it’s our absolute favorite show.  I have found this show to put people on pretty polar ends too – there’s just no middle ground.  You get it or you don’t.  I must say that if you are a true fan, watching it with other true fans is one of the most fun experiences ever.  Which reminds me, Season 4 comes out on DVD September 2nd!  Okie Office fans, be looking for an invite to a Season 4 marathon!

Other movies that I love that many don’t get . . . Napolean Dynamite, Heavyweights, Elizabethtown (to those who do – holler if you hear me!)

So, I’m dying to know . . . what are your film vices?  What do others love and you secretly can’t stand?


2 thoughts on “Scene It

  1. Napoleon Dynamite is an odd phenomenon to me. It was a nice little hit that seemed to come from no where. A few years later people won’t acknowledge ever liking. I thought it was funny.

    One of my favorites is a movie called Let It Ride with Richard Dreyfuss from 1989. Most those I come across who know do seem to like it, but for me it’s like it’s like…I don’t know, a Preston Sturgess classic or something. It just really works for me.

    And sometimes that’s the difference. That film is about a degenerate gambler getting over, and really stories about degenerate gamblers always appeal to me. If it’s in your wheelhouse than you’re gonna love more than most.

    Did this make sense?

  2. I must say that Weird Science is imho a guy movie. That’s why you don’t get it…I don’t either.

    I ~LOVE~ Shawshank Redemption and most people are so-so about it. I can’t even tell you why I like it so much, just do. Another favorite is The American President with Michael Douglas as the president. Again, no clue why I care for the movie so much. Double Jeoprardy is another great one that most people are like, “What movie?”

    Movies I just don’t get: Lady in the Water, Bring it on.

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