Music & Lyrics

I was reading a really funny post on Beth Moore’s Blog titled Malapropisms.  I admit, I had no idea what malapropism meant.  Didn’t pick that one up in my English studies I guess.  Well, it’s basically saying one thing when you mean another. A verbal slip – and a funny one at that. 

Well this got me thinking a step further about song lyrics.  Have you ever sung your little heart out only to be informed that the words aren’t right?  I’ll bet the informer wasn’t nice about it either (ahem, Jason) They probably laughed at you, too.  This is especially embarrassing if it’s a really serious song.

So my big melodious malapropism was to a song by The Who called Who Are You.   I grew up listening to The Who, thanks to my groovy parents, but had apparently been singing the wrong words my entire life.  So Jason and I were pretty newly married and watching one of our all time favorite shows, CSI (No clue WHICH CSI we were watching however) and the theme song, Who are You came on.  As the music played and I started to sing along, Jason began to giggle and then full out laugh. 

You see, I was not singing “Who are you?  Who, Who, Who Who”  Oh no…I was singing, “Cool Rider, Cool Cool Cool Cool”

He still teases me to this day.

So, I need a good laugh!  Don’t you?  Please share your Lyrical mishaps with the world.


5 thoughts on “Music & Lyrics

  1. I have had many of these. I can’t think of an exact one, but rest assured they have happened. My friend used to butcher the words to the Fresh Prince theme song – and she thought they were correct. They weren’t even real words: Instead of “Well Philadelphia” she would send “West Melanopia” I’m not even sure thats a word. HA!

  2. That’s so funny! And did you happen to catch The Who Tribute that was on TV recently? I guess they are going to be coming back around in concert again. My kids love The Who, also. That’s because I am one of those groovy parents like yours. 🙂

  3. See, I get lyrics wrong all the time or flat out don’t know the words to a certain section of a song. Why? Because I have a weird thing in my brain that can’t understand words in a song unless the singer is enunciating really well. And because of this little quirk, I don’t like rap or most hip-hop. And I don’t like singers who are nasally because the words are usually run together.

    I can’t think of a song lyric I used to sing incorrectly…have to think about it.

  4. There’s a David Mead song where he goes falsetto and I really never knew what he was saying. . so when I sang along, I just made a sound that hit the right notes. I finally went and looked up the lyrics, but I prefer to sing the random sounds I made up at first! 🙂

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