Intentional Incidentals

Okay so I realize that most of my posts lately have been “so serious”.  For balance sake – I have decided to add a dispatch post, an idea I nabbed from my friend and fellow blogger, Mandy.

  • I used to think that all kitty litter was created equal.  How wrong I was! Undoubtedly, the worst part of having a cat is the litter box. No matter how clean it looks, it’s just gross.  So a very enthusiastic cat enthusiast at Target begged me to try Feline Pine litter. It looks like sawdust.  My thoughts then were, “Yeah right!” That is until I got Lucy home and settled and soon realized that I detested the grainy, dusty, foul smelling litter that got all over my bathroom floor no matter what i did. So the crazy cat lady was right.  Not only is the FP better for the environment (and flushable, folks!) it doesn’t smell to high heaven and my floor has been clean!  Whoo hoo!
  • My son suddenly thinks that he is a “big boy” which means he has taken it upon himself to help himself to whatever, whenever.  Ugh.  He’ll be 4 in just two short months, and this behavior has gotten progressively worse over the past 2 weeks.  For example – while I was in the shower earlier this week, he decided to pick up my cell phone and call Jason.  Just to talk.  Funny, and a little scary too!  Then, I put him in his room for some other infraction and when I went upstairs to check on him, he was attempting to use the PC!  Grrrrrr.  Later that same day I sat him down to watch some PBS while I did some laundry.  I came downstairs to find him eating 5 pieces of cheese.  Alas, his bowels have not moved since.  Sorry for the TMI, but this is a big deal in Momdum. 
  • Mr. Noodle on Elmo’s world is a little bit freaky.  He looks sneaky. 
  • Dr. Pepper Icees are marvelous.  Cold, yummy, and the perfect texture.  I got turned back on to them while at Falls Creek.  Julie bought me one at the 7-Eleven near her house on Wednesday.  She agreed that it was the best .89 she’s spent in a long time!
  • I miss Nashville.  It hit me about 11pm last night.  So I am a little sad today.
  • I saw Los Lonley Boyson Jay Leno the other night.  These guys rock!  I think that their big hit several years ago “Heaven” really does not do them justice.  I loved the bluesy, southern rock vibe and the face-melting guitar solo.  Yes my husband has turned me into a connoisseur of rock – I am not ashamed!

One thought on “Intentional Incidentals

  1. Nashville misses you, too. And Dr. Pepper Icees sound ridiculously good. I heart Dr. Pepper. And Los Lonely boys are awesome! I don’t like that “Heaven” song much either, though. 🙂

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