Week at the Creek – Part 1

So I’m being held hostage by DHL.  Well, not technically.  But I can’t leave until they deliver my laptop, so I feel like a hostage in my own home!  I have been nervously listening for the door all day.  I’ve really never had great luck with deliveries when I think about it.  It’s like they’re playing a game of “let’s see how fast we can knock and run away”….ugh.

I feel like I am starting to recover from camp.  If you’ve never been to Falls Creek – it’s an other-worldly experience.  Pretty much it’s own township with a post-office and everything.  I so enjoyed a week without television, radio, work, etc vying for my attention.  I remember telling someone a few weeks ago that I was looking forward to camp because I would finally get a break of sorts.  They looked confused when I said this and mumbled something like, “Yeah, right.  A week with teenagers and no sleep – some break!”  Well . . . I was right!  While it certainly wasn’t a physical break with the late nights, early mornings and constant noise – it was certainly a time of spiritual refreshment and renewal.  While I’d like to think that God sent me there to minister to the “youth of today”, truth be told – God sent me to camp to get me away and grab my attention.  I was a little taken aback at how my perspective of Falls Creek had changed from 6 years ago. 

I think I realized a couple major reason why we as Christ followers tend to feel dissatisfied, ineffective, and well – sleepy in our day to day lives.  One – we (me included) tend to forget our first love.  We tend to kind of glaze over the wonder and the power of the cross.  It just becomes an item on our list of “why we believe what we believe.”  They gave the first altar call of the week on Tuesday night.  I had not seen an altar call in awhile since it isn’t a practice of our previous and current churches.  It took my breath away to see a teenage boy literally running down the aisle.  Do you remember that feeling?  That “got to get there before I burst” feeling?  As I watched that young man and others rush down the aisle, a sob caught in my throat as incredibly vivid images of the night I came to Christ at Falls Creek some 14 years ago.  I do believe I fell in love all over again.  

Joel Engle led worship for the evening service and did an amazing job.  I learned a new song called “I Believe in You”.  One particular line said, “Your Cross Has Freed Me So Completely.”  Yes. I get that.  At sixteen years old I thought I really got that – at nearly 30 years old I get it so much more.  He freed me from past, present, and future.  I would never again be a slave to sin.  That’s incredible freedom!

Well, I think DHL is about to release me from its grip – I’ll share more over the next few days!


2 thoughts on “Week at the Creek – Part 1

  1. good blog, thanks for sitting next to me at lunch. it made my day. I wish Jonah liked me like he like ms raina. Maybe I will bribe him with my dog.

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