The Week in Review Preview

Hey ya’ll!  I’m back from camp, and I have so much to share with you!  Jason called yesterday to let me know that DHL attempted to deliver the new laptop . . . I so wish I could have brought it with me this past week so you could experience Falls Creek with me.  Still, I took plenty of notes and pictures to ensure some excellent posts.

As a preface, this has been an amazing week for me.  I asked God to show up and “do His thing” and, wow.  Did He ever!  As a veteran of The Creek both as a camper and staff person, I was fairly sure of what to expect.  From the moment we drove through the gate, my expectations were pretty much blown to bits.  God had much, much more in store that I could have dreamed or hoped. 

I’ve been a sponsor several times before and can truly say that the group from New Covenant Christian Church in OKC was the absolute best!   I was really impressed with this group of kids who came to camp with great attitudes and willing hearts.  In return for their willingness to ask, seek, and knock – God really produced an outpouring of His love on these kids. 

I feel really blessed to have been allowed the opportunity to spend the week with them.  I don’t know who learned more, them or me.  🙂 

Anyway, more to come.  I desperately need some sleep and about a thousand more hugs from Jason and Jonah. 


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